Friday, October 17, 2008

Miss Global Update by Nuttanit

Miss Global International Part I

Miss Global International Part II

Hi there,

I am sorry that I haven't update any photos at all. There was no internet access where we all went ( approximately 7 days ) and we all were so busy (not much free time at all - - - one the road meeting people.... , but I am now back in Tirana, Albania :) Finally get a chance to check my email....

Here is my Photo Update Part II

Please Enjoy :) Miss you all..

Oh! By the way, I changed my flight schedule - I will be leaving here on Oct 23 and arrive on Oct 24 about 1.30pm (I believe) It's TK 0060 ka :)

Thanks for the support and everything na ka :)

Best Regards,

Nutthanit Towan

Miss Global International Part III

Dear All,

Here is the Part III (going around Albania and meeting people)

Everyone here calls me "Pucchy Pucchy" in Albania meaning "kiss kiss" :)

So "Pucchy Pucchy" is my Albanian name :) Great Friends here :)

Thanks ka :)

Miss you all

Best Regards,

Nutthanit Towan

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