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Visiting Thailand, you must be prepared to spend time in the Tiger enclosures. The fees are minimal when you consider that this experience is limited worldwide.

Thai Town in Chicago

Thai Town is a dream. It is not a dream of one man alone, but a dream that is shared by many others in our Thai community here as well as back home in Thailand. The realization of this dream must come from a true conviction and determination; both of which I believe we have.

The Most Popular Thai Movie of The Year

Congratulations to Vallapa Kongsri for her "Community Service Award"

Chinese Carnival in Chicago

Dr.Panom's Birthday Party

This is my personal photo album of my Halloween Party. Enjoy.

This is the personal photo album of my New York trip.

It was my greatest experience to be at this show and had an opportunity to meet with many American talents - up close and personal, especially Charice.

Her new song "Note To God" truly touches my heart. When I watched her performed this song on Oprah show, it moved me to tears. It was definitely my dream came true when I had this chance to see her performing LIVE in person, not through TV !!!

ประมวลภาพพิธีถวายราชสดุดี เจริญพระพุทธมนต์ เจริญสมาธิภาวนา ถวายเป็นพระราชกุศลแด่ พระบาทสมเด็จพระเจ้าอยู่หัว ณ อุโบสถ วัดธัมมาราม นครชิคาโก สหรัฐอเมริกา วันพุธที่ ๙ กันยายน ๒oo๙/๒๕๕๒

It was an honor to be up close and personal with the Olympic Figure Skaters when they visited Chicago. View many interesting rehearsal pictures from the Ice Arena, one day before their performance for the "Skate For The Heart 2009" in Hoffman Estates, IL.

The Asian Festival in Reston, Virginia, was sponsored by the Thai Tennis Organization and Singha Beer. This is the best festival in the east coast.

My Trip in Washington DC

This is my personal photo album. Pictures were taken from a palm-size digital camera, so images are a bit fuzzy. But you'll see all the fun. Travel with me to the fresh seafood market in DC and visit Maryland for its famous giant blue crab.

Chicago doctor in Thailand Medical Mission

Read impressive story about Dr. Pete Setabutr, Chicago doctor, on his medical mission trip in Thailand. Plus special announcements of upcoming concerts in Chicago such as J Jatrin, Todd Tongdee and Thai Illinois Project. View concert posters online.

Welcome Home Kwanrawee

Kwanrawee , celebrity singer from Thailand and our friend, is now back to Chicago and will stay here permanently. We had a welcome home party for her at Snook Sushi & Thai.

เมื่อวันที่ 14 มิถุนายน 2552 นายประสิทธิ์ ปัทมผดุงศักดิ์ เจ้าของเวบไซท์ เข้ารับปริญญาธุรกิจมหาบัณฑิต (MBA) จากมหาวิทยาลัย University of Chicago Booth School of Business โดยเน้นศึกษาในด้านการวิเคราะห์การเงินและการบริหาร

The Valley first became famous in 1930s, when Hollywood arrived. Many movies have been shot there, including Back to the Future III, Forrest Gump, Thelma and Louise and Billy the Kid...not to mention some memorable automobile commercials. View exclusive photoshoot of Nok Chalida Thaochalee at the monument.

It was a great honor for Thai & Asian people to have a private dinner with Tammy. She speaks Thai fluently. I am impressed.

Nok Chalida in Dong Phoo Dee - Top Thai Tv Series

Some of you might remember Nok Chalida Thaochalee as Miss Thailand 1998. Nok was born in Chicago and graduated Nursing in Chicago. She currently lives in Thailand and has her own TV show " Living in Shape" on Thai TV Channel 3.

In Dong Phoo Dee, Nok took a much older role than her age as Khun Pairin. Her performance skill has received rave reviews on many websites and magazines.

Watch the TV Series in full episodes online now

Khun Arun, the famous chef and a restaurant owner, visited Trang, his home town in Thailand. Trang is a province boarding the Indian Ocean. The people embrace a culture to eating Trang Roast Pork cooked by a special process unique only to this place.

The concert was hosted by TIFA Thai Illinois Friendship Alliance.

The largest Thai Festival in United States, with almost 200 booths and 3 main stages. East Hollywood was transformed into Thailand West that day as the Thai community came together to celebrate Songkran (the Thai New Year) with festivals, parades, and ceremonies all day long. All along Hollywood Boulevard from Western to Normandie, vendors and sponsors presented a kaleidoscope of food, crafts, dancers and Thai boxing demonstrations.

Event Highlight - the special and rare exhibit "The King and The Art", Thai Kick Boxing, and the exquisite beauty contest.

Private Dinner at The Residence of the Consul General of Thailand in Los Angeles.
Watch sneak peek video from the Thai New Year Festival (Songkran) - interview of Khun Chutinant and Khun Soravis Bhirombhakdi from Singha Beer, the original Thai beer. งานเลี้ยงรับรองที่บ้านกงสุลใหญ่ เนื่องในวันสงกรานต์ พบกับสามศิลปินจากประเทศไทย คือ ไมค์ ภิรมย์พร, สุนทร สุจริตฉันท์ นักร้องนำของวงรอยัลสไปรซ์อันลือลั่นในอดีต และ “น้องเชียร์” ทิฆัมพร ฤทธิ์ธาอภินันท์ นักแสดงและพิธีกรชื่อดัง

Anniversary Memorial Service for Dr. Chen

Thai photographer has recently been voted as one of the best photographers by The Knot Magazine. Read the best love story that will touch your heart, plus many more important announcements, including Joy Siriluck and BodySlam concerts in Chicago.

Asian American Community Rally and Asian Media Conference

in support of Chicago's bid for the Olympics.

Pairoj Birthday Celebration

Big party with lots of fun. View over 200 images.

Phu Ping Palace


There have been many important announcements lately. So I decided to put them into one blog. And since there's no other activity picture to post, I inserted model pictures I took for visual entertainment instead. I hope you like them. on Voice of America

Voice of America interviewed Amie Hana or ปียฉัตร ไชยศร, owner of, a small but growing nonprofit community-based website in Chicago. Amie is the official photographer for the Thai American Association of Illinois. One of her favorite slogan "Giving Back To Your Community Is a Good Thing". Listen to the interview clip on this blog.

I've just learned the artist behind these well-known digital images is a Cambodian artist from Chicago. His name is Koke Lor. I personally love art in general and have appreciation in his work. However, I am aware of the sensitivity of this particular famous work and I find it's quite interesting. Read what the medias have to say about it.

Save Our Sea in Andaman

S.O.S. or Save Our Sea is an awesome non-profit organization that was founded in Thailand for the purpose of preserving of marine life and is concentrating its efforts on endangered species, oceans and waterways. View more 50 beautiful pictures from the ocean floor.

Thai Community in Chicago celebrated the success of 3 Thai leaders at the Drury Lane Banquet Hall. This is the first time we present HD video online. Don't miss out our new production and see for yourself how clear the high definition video could be.

Chicago Filipino American Hall of Fame 200

Congratulations to Mr. Arun Sampanthavivat for his Outstanding Asian American

Monday, January 12 is the first year after the passing of Dr. Henry Chen.
He was an extraordinary man and a beloved friend.
Let us all take a moment to remember him.

Thai Photographer on Voice of America

Voice of America interviewed Amie Peeyachat Hana, Thai native, about her success in photography business in USA. You can listen to the radio interview here.

One of the most entertaining event of the year.
Thank you to Khun Piroj, the home owner/host, for bringing all the joy to Thai people in Chicagoland area.

I've heard the talk of winter solstice sun aligning with our galactic center. I am curious if there could be perceivable gravitational effects on our solar system? What is it with this alignment phenomena?

Abhisit Vejjajiva, New Thai Prime Minister of Thailand, speaks to CNN.
Abhisit says his priority is reviving Thailand's economy.

View interesting pictures of frozen tidal wave. See how the wave froze in midair.
Plus National Geographic's top 10 most viewed photos in 2008.

The event was hosted by the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Chicago

These are my photography art work, taken from the backyard of our new lakefront home in Lindenhurst I would like to share with you.

Come tour Chicago with Karb at the Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. Enjoy visual tour through my personal photo album at the Bengtson's Pumpkin Farm in Homer Glen. The farm was voted the best Pumpkin Farm in Chicago by My Fox Chicago. Plus, a special bonus photo album of Karb visiting Khun Arun's lakeshore condo in Chicago, a must-see rare coverage.

Watch concert on video in high resolution, plus big photo album.The charity concert was hosted by the Thai American Association of Illinois.

Profit donated to the Thai Community Center in Chicago.

Khun Arun is the famous Chef/Owner of Arun's Thai Restaurant in Chicago.

He hosted a picnic luncheon at his (another) home in Michigan.
This exclusive photo album reveals beautiful Asian home decoration in Arun's Style.

Congratulations to Khun Nanta and Khun Poxie

Simply breathtaking our new First Lady. Michelle Obama is so real. With smarts - with beauty - with class. View pictures I took of Michelle Obama when we last met in Chicago. Plus - view 35 best photos of the new president, Barack Obama, taken from over the past several months during his election campaign.

The King's Birthday Celebration of this year 2008 is coming near. View beautiful images that were photographed last year in 2007 by a talented Thai Photographer " Khing-Leaw". Thank you Khing-Leaw for your contribution. Come celebrate the 2008 King's Birthday & Gala Dinner with us in Chicago.

Learn about beautiful Thai Traditional Events - Kathina and Krathong. View photo album of the beauty contest and see who won. There are many more special news after the photo album such as "New music debut by Narong Prangcharoen" and "Spice up your life by Arun".

Great Thai Movies

Special movie guide for everyone.
These Thai Movies are really great.
I personally recommend all of them.
Watch movie trailers online here.
Don't miss out the Kung Fu fighting clip in "My Girl" movie. It's so cute : )

The highlight movie is the "Beautiful Boxer". This movie has won many awards from the Film Festival. It is based on a true story of a transsexual kick boxer, Nong Toom น้องตุ้ม ปริญญา เจริญผล. She is the former Thai Kickboxing champion and has also worked as a model and actress. In late 2008, Nong Toom will open a boxing camp " Parinya Muay Thai" in Hua Hin, Thailand, which she will co-own and run with American actor/writer Steven Khan.

Miss Globe International 2008 Finalists

Congratulations to Nutthanit on her accomplishment.
Special coverage - view personal pictures sent directly from Nutthanit for Thai people in Chicago.

คนไทยต่างแดนทุกคนควรจะดู Immigration Update Thai
การพูดบรรยาย เกี่ยวกับ โควตาการให้ Green Card ใหม่
สำหรับผู้อยู่ถูกกฏหมาย (นักศึกษา/Tourist) และผู้อยู่ไม่ถูกกฏหมาย

Miss Global International Update by Nutt

The Best Cook Book In The World

Thai Food Stylist, Suthipong Suriya, won Gourmand World Cook Book Awards 2007 in Madrid, Spain. His book was chosen to be one of the best foreign cookery books.

Phra Apimanee

Fund Raising Performance by Thai Cultural and Fine Arts Institute.

Miss Global Press Conference

Fun Pictures

Live Laugh Love

Check out one-of-a-kind fun pictures I created.
It's interesting!!!

Esarn Ball

ครั้งที่ 3


Presentation of Royal Decoration

The Royal Thai Consulate-General hosted a ceremony for the presentation of the Royal Decoration which had been graciously bestowed by His Majesty King Bhumidol Adulyadej to Dr. Panom Puengchardchoo and Mr. Manoch Bhudvanphen. Read why they received the Royal Decoration.

Happy Birthday Dr. Suchat

Dr. Suchat Pong is the full time physician at the Chen Medical Center. Celebrity guests from Thailand at the party were Pun Paiboonkiat and Panadda Reungwuit.

Visit my biggest photo album with more than 600 images. This festival was a huge success with 200 vendors and 3 performance stages. There were thousands of visitors came to the festival everyday. I appreciate they flew me there to witness such a great event. The festival was sponsored by Singha Beer.

Thai Community Center Grand Opening

The new facility is the first and only Thai community-based social service organization that offers compassionate and culturally appropriate services in a variety of areas to serve its community and other communities in Chicago and the state of Illinois.

Thai boxers got Gold and Silver medals from the Beijing Olympic. View special rare video clips from Beijing, coverage provided by Khun Apinan Apibalsri from TTB5 Thailand.

Watch Olympics Opening Ceremony on

View 24 beautiful pictures from the Opening Ceremony.
Learn how the Olympic Medals were made.
Watch achieve boxing video from the 2007 AIBA World Boxing Championship in Chicago.

Welcome to the Paradise at The Vongsavangsiri Home

Thai Center Update

We are so excited to show you updated pictures of our Thai Center. We are now ready for the Grand Opening of the center.
Read for more details.

Miss Thailand Universe 2008

Miss Thailand Universe brings home
National Costume prize.
Miss Thailand Universe Gavintra Photijak won the National Costume award at the Miss Universe Pageant in Nha Trang, Vietnam on July 14, 2008. Watch her spectacular move of Thai KickBoxing on our special video clip.

SUNCASTV proudly presents the groundbreaking IPTV world premiere of the SUNCASTV/ENERI Communications Production, "8ight degrees: portraits of exceptional people with impact." Created and shot in beautiful cinematic style, this unique and historic half-hour special, takes a powerful and sometimes emotional, intimate look at the lives and passions of five outstanding subjects.

Thai Festival 2008

The 2008 Chicago Thailand Festival took place on June 16-20 at the Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago. The festival featured foods, art, fashion show, dancing, massage and Thai boxing demonstrations. View the extensive photo album of the dazzling fashion show.


เพื่อแสดงความขอบคุณแก่ทึ่ท่าน ที่ช่วยงานพระกฐินพระราชทาน เมื่อเดือนพฤศจิกายน ๒๕๕๐ และเพื่อรวบรวมเงินเป็นกองทุน เพื่อใช้ในการดำเนินงาน ของศูนย์บริการชุมชนของสมาคมไทย
View update pictures of the Thai Center

Thai Wedding Photo Albums

View Photo Albums of Thai Weddings in Chicago area.
Learn about Thai Water Ceremony.
งานแต่งงานของลูกหลานคนไทยในชิคาโก พิธีรดน้ำแบบไทยๆ

Song for Princess Galyani by Narong

Lisen to the song, “น้ำใจ ไม่มีกาลเวลา" online
This special song was composed by a talented Thai Composer, who has won many awards from around the world. The song composed as a memorial piece for HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana.

Thai Youth Club presents Graduation Night 2008

Music of the Golden Triangle

Read a story about an American who loves Thailand so much that she decided to live there. Her passion in life has touched my heart. Visit the Golden Triangle Golden Triangle, one of the largest stores in the country devoted to art, antiques and home furnishings from China and Southeast Asia. Learn about high end catering services in Chicago and preview their food.

Olympic garden projects have become leading developments in China’s real estate industry. View pictures of beautiful gardens here.

The Asian American Festival is a week long, outdoor celebration showcasing Asian American culture and contributions, including cultural stage performances, ethic cuisine, hands on Asian-inspired activities and an eclectic array of retail products.

After the final match of the Kongsamuth's Cup on Sunday May 18, The Thai Golf Association had a backyard BBQ Dinner at the mansion of the Consul General in Wilmette.

Happy Bday Vallapa & Sangchun

Happy Birthday to Khun Vallapa, the president of the Thai American Association and Khun Sangchun, the president of the Thai Nursing Association at the Buffet City in Oak Lawn.

MVT May 10 Party covering many events below:
Birthday party (16 people)
Honoring Khun Arun
Honoring Khun Yong
Graduation (4 people)
Wedding (1 couple)
VIP from Thailand (K. Kajit)
Mother's Day (all mom received a rose and gift)

Asian Pacific American Heritage 2008

Special event 10th Anniversary at the Ralph Metcalfe Federal Building. View images from the event- cultural performances, special recognition ceremony and ethnic hors d'oeuvre. Sponsored by Office of Congressman Bobby L. Rush and his Advisory Council on Asian Affairs.

Rally for Beijing Olympics and World Peace

Following the recent riots in Tibet, hundreds of people gathered outside Chicago's U.S. Courthouse on Thursday, April 24, to show support for China. Read full story online and watch video clips.

Thai Office Introduction

The Thai American Association of Illinois has finally got an office!!!
How do we get an office space?
How much does it cost to have our office?

Khantoke Dinner 2008

Fund raising event, hosted by
the Thai Northern Association of Illinois.
Fun event, great food, great music.

Chen Medical Center

Many people might be wondering
What's going on with Dr. Chen's clinic now?
Where will all his patients go?
Can Thai people still be treated at this clinic?

King Narasuan 2- Freedom Declaration

ตำนานสมเด็จพระนเรศวรมหาราช ภาค 2 ประกาศอิสรภาพ
The most expensive film of Thailand ever made!!!
You can watch the entire movie here.
Part Two has 15 movie clips. Enjoy.

King Narasuan Volume One

ตำนานสมเด็จพระนเรศวรมหาราช ภาค 1 องค์ประกันหงสา
The most expensive film of Thailand ever made!!!
King Narasuan the Movie.
We can now watch the entire movie online. There are 17 clips total.

Songkran 2008

Songkran Festival 2008 at Wat Dhamaram in Chicago.
See who won Miss Songkran 2008!!!

100 Days Memorial of Dr. Chen

On Sunday, April 20'2008 will be the 100 days anniversary of Dr. Henry Chen's passing. Please take a brief 5 minutes silence in his memory together on this day where ever you are.

Khun Piroj's Birthday Party

The most celebrated birthday party in Chicago for Khun Piroj.

Catching up with Nutt

Do you remember Nutthanit Towan น้องณัฏฐ์ ?
She was crowned Miss Songkran in year 2006 at Wat Dhammaram, Chicago. Read about her new exciting life in Thailand and see her beautiful photos. There are 2 special video clips from her too. Watch it now.

Phuket after Tsuinami

Read facts about Phuket after the Tsunami
Is it okay to visit Phuket?
What's the situation now?
Is it safe?

Living in Phuket

Meet the beautiful girl, Som, our most recent Miss Thailand World 2007. Go behind the scene with her in "Living in Shape" in Phuket.

After serving the Chicagoland area and our Midwestern neighbors for 34 years, Thai Grocery is pleased to annouce Ek-Anant's (Eddie) is retiring from retail

King Naresuan the Movie
The most expensive film of Thailand Ever Made!
Watch movie trailers and behind the scene clips as an appetizer.
Online movie will be posted on this site soon.

The movie king Naresuan,400 years ago,there is the great king of Ayodhya(Thai) who dare to change the destination of nation. At the age of nine, he had been taken as hostage to Burma for 6 years. King Naresuan was a great warrior king. He liberated Ayutthaya from Burma while he was the Crown Prince. He led the soldiers into battles to defend the country against Burmese invasions many times.

ชวนไปค้นหาอดีตในวันวาน ตื่นตาตื่นใจไปกับข้าวของเครื่องใช้เก่าๆ ที่ อาคารคุ้มเจ้าราชสัมพันธวงษ์ (พุทธวงศ์ ณ เชียงใหม่)

Magnificent Garden

แม่ฟ้าหลวงThe Mae Fah Luang Garden was awarded the Pacific Asia Tourism Association's Gold Awards in the 'Tourism Development' category for its outstanding achievement in developing a new tourist destination.

Hall of Opium

Many people still believe that the Golden Triangle is the heart of darkness. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come to this site simply because of its name and association with opium. The Hall of Opium is not just a museum, it's not even just an exhibition. It's a multimedia experience that will stimulate all your senses as you immerse yourself in its captivating realm.

Visit "Oub Kham" Museum, the relics of the ancient world. See the real Lanna throne from King Naresuan movie from this museum.

Wat Rong Khun ร่องขุ่น is no ordinary Wat. I was struck by the pure beauty of this temple. It was nothing I was prepared for. I nominated this temple as the top "must see" place of Thailand.

This is another blog of my Thailand trip. Go behind the scene of the "Living in Shape" Thai TV show on Channel 3.

My trip to Thailand this time was so much fun. I visited Au Bon Pain, the US bakery franchise in Bangkok.

A house party for Thai community. See who won Miss Chinese New Year.

Royally Given Soil from the Palace of Thailand was brought to USA for a very special funeral memorial service for Dr. Henry Chen.

This is the page where you can write your own personal experience with Dr. Henry Chen and share to the world how he has touched your life.

The 25th Annual Celebration 2008 of AACC- Asian American Coalition of Chicago. Congratulations to Khun Poxie Xumsai for his Community Service Award.

Gathering of Thai Community in Chicago paying respect to Dr. Henry Chen. He passed away on Jan 12' 2008.

Remembering A Much Loved Princess

Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana
6 May 1923 - 2 January 2008

Thai community in Chicago celebrating Happy New Year together.

Farewell to Honorable Narote Sangkamanee, Deputy Consul General for Royal Thai Consulate General in Chicago, who was leaving to serve in Thailand. The event was hosted by Thai Association of Illinois.

Watch 2 video clips, special news report from Thai TV- TTB5.

This is the Official Farewell Party for Honorable Narote Sangkamanee at The Royal Thai Consul General Office.

Happy Birthdays

Birthday party for many people- Dr. Henry Chen, Poxie Xumsai, Narote Sangkamanee and Chananat Sookhakitch.

The Thai King is the longest serving monarch in the world. This is the celebration of His Majesty's birthday at the Consul General Office of Thailand in Chicago.

The event was hosted by the Thai American Association of Illinois at the Marriott O'Hare in Chicago.

House party for 2 events- farewell to Khun Narote and Happy Birthday to Khun Lee.