Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Retirement Of Thai Grocery

A resolution
Adopted by The City Council
of the City of Chicago, Illinois

Presented by Alderman Mary Ann Smith

WHEREAS, Chicago's independent, Locally owned businesses keep wealth circulating in our community, adding to Chicago's economic vitality and resilience; and
WHEREAS, Local business owners are the stewards of our community, providing quality jobs, engaging in civic concerns, and contributing to the community at large; and
WHEREAS, A unique array of independent, locally owned business preserves the culture and character of Chicago's neighborhoods and creates a strong sense of place; and
WHEREAS, Independent, locally owned businesses help to sustain vibrant, copact, walkable town centers that are essential to reducing sprawl, automobile use, habitat loss, and air and water pollution; and
WHEREAS, Independent, locally owned businesses are committed to place, contributing to the local economy and responding to the needs of their community over many generations; and
WHEREAS, Eddie Linh, owner of the Thai Grocery in the Uptown community has exemplified all of the above mentioned attributes of an independent operator for the past 34 years, has announced his retirement a the end of April 2008; and
WHEREAS, In order to facilitate a smooth transition within the Uptown Community, effective May 1, 2008, Thai Grocery will be redirecting all goods and services over to Golden Pacific Market located on North Broadway Avenue; now therefore

Be It Resolve, That we, the Mayor and members of the Cit of Chicago City Council, assembled here this fourteenth day of May, 2008 AD, do hereby salute Eddie Linh for his noteworthy contributions and extend to him our very best wishes for his health, happiness, and success in all future endeavors.
Be It Further Resolved, That a suitable copy of this resolution be prepared and presented to Eddie Linh.

Mary Ann Smith
Alderman- 48th Ward

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