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Phuket after Tsunami

Visitors will be surprised at just how much progress has been made since the tsunami.

Facts about Phuket after the Tsunami
"Is it okay to visit Phuket?"
Tsunami destroyed only 10 percent of Phuket, mostly beach areas. Visitors will be surprised at just how much progress has been made since the tsunami. Many hotels have already been restored or rebuilt especially in the main beach areas like Kata Beach, Karon Beach and Patong Beach.
Communications and infrastructure around the island are perfectly normal as the wave affected parts of the coastline and did not reach more than 500 metres inland in Phuket Island.
What's the situation now?
It’s a great time to visit Phuket with hotels offering value packages with added extras like Spa treatments and candlelit dinners just make your stay a little special…You can take trips to the islands on un-crowded ferries, laze on pristine white sand beaches and get great discounts when you go shopping. In Patong, street vendors and markets have returned to the beach road and international chains like Starbucks have long been re-opened.
Is it safe?
Yes. Official tests have proven that the sea is clearer than in the last 20 years (but you will see this for yourself on a snorkeling or diving trip.) The streets are clean and there is no threat of disease. Just relax on the beach with an iced coconut and stop worrying.
Should I feel guilty visiting a tsunami hit area?
Not at all. Your visit will help the local people enormously. Tourism and the local economy has been badly affected, yet people still need to pay school fees, everyday bills and get on with their lives. You will be having a great holiday and helping enormously by contributing directly to those who need it.
In this picture below,
the city had commissioned a huge amount and variety of art to be installed on patong beach in phuket which suffered some of the worst of the tsunami damage here.
Official Facts about Phuket after the Tsunami
1. Phuket was declared safe to travel by all major governments including the US, France, UK and Germany in early January 2006.
2. Scandinavian Charter flights resumed in February 2006 and direct flights are heavily booked.
3. Phuket now offers the best deals ever!

Below are my Phuket trip part two.
You can read the 1st episode by clicking HERE.

The 2nd day at the Heights Phuket Condo was still as enchanting. The spectacular paronamic view from the room is still breathtaking. For only 40 million baths or about $1.3 millions US dollars you can own one of this condo.
This time I had an honor to be Nok's special guest on her TV show " Living In Shape". It was on air in Thailand on Saturday, May 24' 2008, on Channel 3.

You can watch me on TV online at
"Passion Focus Shutter by Amie Hana"

Growing up in Chaing-Mai, Northern part of Thailand, but being born in the Southern part - Trang, I am considered a hybrid child of both cultures ครึ่งเหนือ-ครึ่งใต้. Since we visited Phuket in the South, Nok came up with a southern food recipe for me, Pad Ped Sa-toa ผัดเผ็ดสะตอ. Very mouthwatering, I could hardly wait to finally tasted it right after the show. Her recipe was excellent!!!
Another healthy menu on TV with salmon.
The person who is a big part of this successful TV show is กรรณ Gun, the owner of Natakumpany Video Company. I like the below picture I took of her. It was taken during our walk to the beach.
Another fun picture - shot through a street mirror during our morning walk. Nok got her face covered with her jacket in order to block harsh UV ray from the mid morning sun.
Patong Beach is an astonishing combination of breathtakingly beautiful white sand beach edged by the glittering Andaman Sea.
The sand on the beach is very soft to walk on. There are no rocks, no pebbles, no shells to irritate your feet.
During a photography session.
Nok became interested in camera too.
Girls gotta have fun - Gae, Nok and Gun เก๋, นก และ กรรณI found this cat at the front desk very cute. He was so tame that he could sleep through noisy activities surrounding him.
This is the entire production team,
minus me and Khun Pensiri, Nok's mom (3rd from left).
Patong Beach is the most concentrated area of tourist accommodations, shops, nightclubs, restaurants and attractions. If you want action, this is where you will find it.
This could only be seen here in Thailand -
McDonald's clown in Wai gesture.
Wai" ไหว้ is the Thai greeting where the hands are pressed together prayer-like and raised to chest/nose/forehead level.
Phuket is renowned for its fresh seafood. If you walk along the beach road there are many seafood restaurants displaying fresh fish, prawns, oysters and lobsters. All these restaurants are aimed at tourists and are easy to find. Prices are very reasonable.
Pancake crepe is the best seller here. Lines are usually long.
There are many replica items sale in Thailand.
This vendor has replica Lesportsac bags, which is the top popular brand in Thailand nowadays.
Phuket has many art galleries. They have high quality original oil paintings, customized portraits and museum quality oil reproductions of unbeatable resemblance.
Street view at night.
At night the area rocks with music ranging from Tommy Doyle's piano keys at Baan Ram Pi and the neighboring sounds of a jazz band down into the heart of Patong near the intersection of Thawiwong and Bangla Rds over to Rat Uthit.
More seafood restaurant on the same block.
A boy was having fun, playing with live crabs.
HUGE fresh lobster at great price.
Tiger prawn is known to be the best prawn of all.
We could smell this from far, yummy grilled Thai Satay.
Look how big this fish is.
We put a soda can in the front for size comparison.
Genuine leather shoes are also a good buy here.Come visit Thailand.
Come visit Phuket.

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