Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at Miss Asia

Christmas at Miss Asia
Miss Asia Thai & Asian Cuisine

434 W. Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614 Tel: 773-248-3999

Congratulations !!!
Owner, Khun Kanya Amorn Theerakul, our old friend from Chicago (with Major Daley in the picture), could not be with us that Christmas night because she had to depart emergently to Thailand to accept her new position as a director of Thai Trade Center in Miami, FL. She could be located to Miami within this few months. Let us congratulate Khun Kanya and her family : )

Owners - Khun Komane and Khun Charoen

Khun Charoen and his daughters, Lalita and Alisa

The buffet was awesome !!! You have gotto to try their food !!!

One of my favorite food that night was Kaa Moo Palo ขาหมูพะโล้


The Thai Spicy Sausage was surprisingly excellent, and the Grilled Chicken was very tastely.
Many people came back for Kra Poa Pla soup กระเพาะปลา the second time !!!

The Green Curry was just right !!! Thumbs up to all the food !!!

Lovely waitresses at the Miss Asia

The big table

What a lovely family !!! Thank you for your great hospitality.

The DJs

Happy birthday to Khun Add who was born on Dec 25

Khun Tong, our entertaining host

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