Friday, December 25, 2009

Thai Church Christmas at Golden Triangle

Christmas at Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle
I believe this is the best antique store in America, and I am proud to tell you that one of the owner is Thai. The store got this magnificent ancient terra cotta-tiled Chinese courtyeard house from the 18th century to be "indoor" right inside their Chicago store !!!
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Established in 1989 by Douglas Van Tress and Chauwarin Tuntisak, The Golden Triangle began by selling the artifacts and antiques from just one city –Chiang Mai, Thailand. Over the years, the store expanded its offerings to include antiques from all over Asia and more recently, Europe. In 2006, The Golden Triangle launched its own modern collection hand-crafted from salvaged hardwoods. Today, the store’s collection is richly eclectic --a unique blend of ancient and modern, rustic and refined that transcends chronological and national boundaries.

Chauwarin, the native-Thai owner, on left and Somm-store manager, on right

This is the wonderful gathering of Thai Community Church in Forest Park, located on 7416 Dixon St, Forest Park, IL 60130. Tel 708-752-0140

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