Friday, October 16, 2009

Thai Author Launching Her First Book

Introducing the talented Thai Author
Gal Bhudvanbhen-Jung

About the Author
Gal or S.B. Jung has been an English teacher since 2002. She has been writing plays, poems, and novels since 1997; Lines of Neutrality is her first published work.

Her husband Matthew and son Aiden have been her strength, encouragement, and inspiration as she continues to write and create more worlds for readers to enter and enjoy.

The author and her family

Book of the Assassin Chronicles

Lines of Neutrality

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Product Description

Lines of Neutrality is a window into the lives of two modern-day assassins - Raven Yin and Christian Delacroix. Unbeknownst to either of them, they are both hired to kill the same mark and coincidentally choose the exact same night and time to strike. This begins a chain of events that brings Raven and Christian together to fight a war far larger and more complex than either of them could have imagined. It is a war being waged against secret societies whose agendas are more enigmatic than their rumored existence. Their personalities and methods are fundamentally different, yet each of them discovers more about themselves by studying the other. Despite secret societies, internal betrayal, stolen memories and personal battles, Raven and Christian defy the odds to show that the Society of Assassins is nobody's pawn.

The author and the cover artist - S.B. Jung and Pol Subanajouy

Reviews from

An absolutely compelling novel which puts the reader into a whole new world...I would definitely recommend this novel
Lines of Neutrality is an intricate, character driven story, that introduces the reader to the perilous realm that is the society of assassins. This story centers around two assassins Raven and Christian, the event that brought them together, and the protection of their society which keeps them in each others company. The juxtaposition allowed by the frame work of the story allows the reader to truly enjoy their dynamic relationship. Jung clearly has a gift for creating worlds that a reader would want to explore. I look forward to the next installment.

Book Launch Party in Evanston, IL

The author signing books

Introducing talented Thai artist

Pol Subanalouy

Digital Color

Sequential Art

Tatoo Design

Pencil Artwork


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