Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nuttanit in Miss Globe International

My name is Nutthanit Towan (Nut)
I will be representing Thailand to compete in Miss Globe International 2008.
In fact, I would be the first Thailand representative to be in this pageant since the first time the pageant was established in 1988.

My intention is to inform you that MGI is taking place in Albania starting October 4 - 21, 2008.

The reason I came back to Thailand is to compete in a pageant and hope that I would represent my country to compete internationally :) Now, that I did it and hope I could get a support from you na ka :)

Additional Info. can be found at:

These are some photo shoot from Zorab

Zorab is an international jewelry company and they produces quite unique pieces of each of their jewelry.
They will only product 1 piece per each of their design and soon they will be a new collection of Elizabeth Taylor.

Here was Nuttanit Towan when she was crowned Miss Songkran in Chicago in 2006.

Other photos

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Anonymous said...

You're beautiful. Good luck!