Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Dr.Suchat

คุณหมอ สุชาติ พงศ์หล่อพิศิษฏ์

Dr. Suchat Pong and his beautiful wifeDr. Suchat is a full time physician at Dr. Chen Medical Center.
Chen Medical Center
4833 N. Broadway St, 2nd floor

Chicago, IL, 60640 773.784.0900
Open 6 days a week
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 5pm - 8pm
Saturday 7am - 12pm

Close on Wednesday

Dr. Suchat is specialized in Family Practice and General Surgery. He graduated from Sirirad Hospital, Thailand, in 1966 and went on with his internship at the Uniontown Hospital in Pennsylvania. He is fluent in Thai, Cantonese, Laos and English. Currently, Dr. Suchat is a full time staff at the Sacred Heart Hospital and mainly works at this clinic. His previously worked at the Grant Hospital from 1974-2001.
The famous home owner, Khun Piroj Vongsavangsiri
Hawaii decor theme Celebrity Guests: Punn Paibulkiat and Panadda Reungwuit
The evening started out with outdoor dinner buffet at the house's backyard. I totally loved the idea. It was so much fun!!!
The surprised birthday cake was in the basement.
Check out this big pile of raffle prizes!!!
The room was filled with people. Dr. Panom Phoungcherdchoo
Congratulations on your Royal Decoration award
Mr. Manoch Bhudvanbhen
Congratulations on your Royal Decoration award
Mrs. Busra Thepjatri
Congratulations on your "Mother Of The Year 2551" award
Happy Birthday speech by the Consul-General, Mr. Narong Sasitorn
It turned out Mr. Narong Sasitorn was born on the same month.So they had a surprised birthday cake for him too.Thank you speech
Staffs from the Chen Medical Center
Dr. Suchart, his wife, and staffs at the clinic

Photographed by Khun Kai, MVT.
Thank you for your contribution.


Special Announcement

Ancestor Day

วันอาทิตย์ ที่ 14 เดือนกันยายน พ.ศ.๒๕๕๑ ณ วัดพุทธธรรม วิลโลว์บรูค
Sunday, September 14 , 2008
Wat Buddhadhamma
8910 S. Kingery Hwy
Willowbrook, IL 60527
Tel: (630) 789-8866

๐๙.๐๐ น. เจริญสมาธิภาวนา สวดมนต์
09.00 am - Silent meditation, Chanting

๐๙.๓๐ น. ฟังธรรมบรรยายภาษาไทย
09.30 am - Dhamma talk (Thai)

๑๐.๓๐ น. ตักบาตรฯ ถวายภัตตาหารเพล
10.30 am - Pindapata, Lunch offering, Potluck lunch

12.30 pm - Sanghadana
๑๒.๓๐ น. บังสุกุล ถวายสังฆทาน
กรวดน้ำรับพร เป็นเสร็จพิธี ฯ

ติดต่อข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม และร่วมอนุโมทนาบุญได้ที่ วัดพุทธธรรม 8910 คิงเกอรี่ วิลโลว์บรูค อิลลินอยส์ 60527 โทรฯ (630) 789-8866

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