Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thai Community Center Grand Opening

Thai American Association of Illinois
Community Service Center
3260 W. Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL, 60618
P: 773.463.THAI
F: 708.576.8240
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
10 am - 3 pm (By appointment only)
The first Thai community-based service organization
established in Illinois.
Our Mission
TAAI strives to help people of all ages and backgrounds reach their potential. Our volunteer team of professional service providers offers exceptional, individualized support to those in need. We have helped numerous of people here in Illinois and in Thailand and will continue to provide community outreach to those who seek assistance.
Our Work
Founded in 1967, the Thai American Association of Illinois (TAAI) was incorporated to meet the needs of a growing population of Thais here in the United States. Not only has there been growth in population, but our programs and services increased in diversity.
To accommodate the high demands of our constituents, TAAI decided to pursue their goal to obtain an operational facility to properly house the programs and services. In 2008, the TAAI Community Service Center was established. The new facility is the first and only Thai community-based social service organization that offers compassionate and culturally appropriate services in a variety of areas to serve its community and other communities in Chicago and the state of Illinois.
Our Goal
TAAI plans to raise funds to further develop and expand the new TAAI Community Service Center, employ staff from various professions, and develop outreach services in the areas of health care, law, finance, education, translations in Thai and English, social service, cultural affairs and the arts. Currently, TAAI has a team of experts from the community who generously volunteer their time to offer consultations, recommendations and referrals to the needs of our clients.
Our Services

Consultation in:
Health and wellness
Business Development
Legal Issues
Financial Issues
Social Services
Recommendations and Referrals for:
Health Advocacy
Business Advocacy
Translation in Thai and English
Thai Language Class
Thai Cooking Class
Speakers and Coaching
Youth Counseling and Mentoring
Cultural Affairs
Senior Programs
Health Fair
Educational and Informational Seminars
Community Outreach
How you can help!
We rely on generous individuals to help us meet the needs of the communities we serve. Your donation will make a significant difference in people's lives. Does your employer offer matching gifts? If so, let them know about your donation to the Thai American Association of Illinois. We also welcome in-kind donations and corporate and foundation sponsorships.
Please contact 773.473.THAI or contact Tammy, Communications and Development Director at 773.984.6695 for more details on how to contribute.
Thai American Association of Illinois is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) social service organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.We appreciate the help from the property owner, the Limson family.
We had 2 media coverages that day.

KBC-TV 41: Asian-American News
Air Monday night 7:30pm - 8:00pm
A reruns on Tuesday morning from 8:00am - 8:30am

Watch the event on SuncastTV site

A visitor is signing our guest book.
Tammy Chiemmongkoltip and the TAAI President, Vallapa Kongsri, were preparing for the event. Special thanks to Tammy. She has been tremendously helpful in organizing this event.
Dr. Pipit Chiemmongkoltip, founding member, first TAAI President and former retired member of the Board of Directors celebrates this exciting event with Deputy Chief of Staff Gene Lee.
The President, Vallapa Kongsri, opened the event.
Good morning and welcome to the grand opening ceremony of the Thai American Association of Illinois Community Service Center in Illinois. It is a great privilege and honor to introduce to, not only the Thai American community, but also to the surrounding Chicagoland communities, a social service center that will offer exceptional individualized support and services staffed by our volunteer team of professionals. Our mission is to help people of all ages and backgrounds reach their potential by offering culturally appropriate services in a variety of areas. As the Thai American population in the state of Illinois is rapidly growing, our programs and services have become increasingly diverse. In order to accommodate to the needs of our community, the board and I decided to establish a center to better facilitate our programs and services. Currently, the TAAI Community Service Center has developed outreach services in the areas of health care, law, finance, education, social service, cultural affairs, and the arts. With a team of volunteer professionals, the TAAI Community Service Center is available to provide counseling, consultation, recommendations, and referrals to meet the needs of our clients. TAAI aims to raise funds to further support the development and expansion of the new TAAI Community Service Center and its programs.

At this time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our guests for attending the grand opening ceremony. I would especially like to thank Consul-General Narong Sasitorn, as well as acknowledge Mr. Gene Lee, the Deputy Chief of staff office of Mayor Daley, Commander in Chief of the 17th District Chicago Police- Mr. Michael Mealer, Secretary of Board Cook County Board- Matthew Deleon, Illinois State Treasurer's office- Carina Sanchez, Representation for the Chicago Olympic 2016 Candidate City- Michael Murnane. In addition, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to all the hard working individuals who have devoted their time, resources, energy, and support into making this dream attainable. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.

Matthew B. Deleon
Secretary to the Cook County Board of Commissioners
Gene Lee
Deputy Chief of Staff for the Office of Mayor Daley
Carina E. Sanchez
Director of Policy and Community Relations for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Illinois State Treasurer office.
Michael J. Mealer
17th District Commander in Chief
Chicago Police Department
Michael Murnane
Community Relations
Chicago Olympic 2016 Candidate city Commission
Narong Sasitorn
Consul-General of Thailand in Chicago
Constant work behind the scene
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Unveiling of the new Office Sign
Group Pictures
Gathering inside the building for lunch
Richard F. Mell
Alderman of 33rd Ward, City of Chicago
Vallapa Kongsri welcomes everybody to start lunch.
Big thanks to the Chicago Police!!!
Michael J. Mealer, Commander In Chief of 17th District (left)
Kenneth Pang, Sergeant (right)
They were very helpful with the street accommodations.
These policemen were so friendly, I could play with their handcuffs!!!

It was an honor to have Michael Murnane with us. He is the Community Relations Representative for Chicago Olympic 2016 Candidate city. Michael called me that morning asking about the Center's Grand Opening. I immediately invited him. And he was willingly available.I would like to share with you this exciting information about the 2016 Olympic. On April 14, 2007, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) selected Chicago as the U.S. Bid City for the 2016 Games. Chicago will now compete with other international cities for the honor of being the official 2016 Host City. The final decision on which international city will host the 2016 Games will be made in October 2009. Visit the website at

You can be part of it by
doing volunteer, supporting the bid or giving donation.

Harrison Chun from SuncastTV.com
came with a beautiful big bouquet.
Thank you very much.
Thank you to the Korean Community for your beautiful fresh flower arrangement.
Vallapa Kongsri
The President of the Thai American Association of Illinois
Congratulations on your job well done
Message from the President to the VIP guests
I would like to extend my appreciation for your attendance at the grand opening of the Thai American Association of Illinois Community Service Center on Tuesday, August 19, 2008. Your presence truly demonstrated your support for the Thai American community and helped to make the event a tremendous success.

Message from the President to
the TAAI Board Members and all Committee
Thank you for your hard work and support during the opening of the TAAI Community service Center. The event would not have been a success without your efforts. I appreciate and enjoy working with you and look forward in continuing to work with you in the future. Our goal is to work together to make things better for our Thai community . The next events will be Health Fair , The king's birthday Cerebration and Seminar ( set up by next generation). We're also invite to Thai community (Thais ) to join us for this special event at our Thai Service Center.

Board of Directors
Nanta Buranakanchana
Poxie Xumsai
Nick Bannapradist
Jumnong Limson
Sineenat Techawatanaset
Soodchit Phoprairat
Preecha Romsaithong

Vice President

Tippi Lee, Hon Bannapradist, Surachai Moraraj, Tanaporn Yingviriya

Kanya Wongsawasdi
Prapai Moadsiri

Oranee Kalayanamit
Kritika Kaskperowicz

Communications & Development
Tammy Chiemmongkoltip

Community Consultant
Archawee Dhammavasi

Media Communications & Public Relations
Amie Peeyachat Hana

Legal Advisor
Vida Gosrisirikul

Financial Advisor
Choosri Lao

Social Worker
Achara Raz

Immigration Consultant
Nujaree Losiri
Charli Roongsang

Information Technology
Kopong Limson

Youth Counseling/Mentoring
Erlinda Garcia

Health Consultation by Thai Physician Group

Dr. Panom Phoungcherdchoo
Dr. Pisit Rangsithienchai
Dr. Cherdkiat Sangkum
Dr. Sompop Srisuwananukorn
Dr. Chanachai Memark

Thai Nurses Association
Sangchun Supanavongs
Thusanee Rangsithienchai
Sineenart Memark
Manee Omsin

Senior Programs
Pranee Tinnimit Ishii
Tippawan Sinthuvarawan

Mother-child Care Adviser
Chantipa Limson

Cultural Affairs
Dr. Supachai Suwatanapongched
Busra Thepjatri
Busaba Padungkiatisak

General Volunteer
Nongluck Kittikamron
Kaimook Boonroueng
Wanna Sutti
Patty Neumson
Narumon Gerdnoi

General Maintenance
Alex Limson
Surin Paoviset

Special Thanks for Our Event Sponsors:
Kirk, Manager of Party City in the neighborhood for providing such a large discount
Thai Trade Center for sponsoring decorations
All vendors who provided food and drinks
Monk from Wat Dhammaram for development of the brochures
Wat Dhammaram for decorations
Thai Consulate General's Office for sponsoring in-kind items

* ThaiChicagoland.com would like to thank Tammy Chiemmongkoltip for helping with copy and editing.*


Special Announcement

The performance "Phra Apaimanee" is a fund raising event to benefit the operational cost for the Sunday School at the Thai Cultural and Fine Arts Institute.

Location: Robert M Collins Center"
Triton College, 200 Fifth Ave, River Grove, IL, 60171
Date: Sunday September 28, 2008 at 4pm - 6pm.
Ticket costs $30 and $15 for students.

Busaba Pardungkiattisak, C 630-880-6609

Charity concert for poor children in Thailand.
Location: Wat Dhammaram
Date: Saturday, October 11, 2008
Time: 7:30pm - midnight
Ticket: $75, $50, $40
Click on the image to view more information.


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