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Asian Festival 2008 in Virginia

The 5th Asian Festival
August 9-10, 2008Location: Lake Newport Square
11452 Baron Cameron Avenue
Reston, VA 20194

The festival was organized by
The Thai Tennis Organization in America (TTOA).
The "Asian Festival" was a two-day FREE ADMISSION event to promote a greater understanding of Asian countries and culture. This year the festival showcased China to celebrate the spirit of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. In addition, all participating Asian countries had an opportunity to share their unique music, cultural performances, food, fashion, handicrafts, and other products and entertainment. The Asian Festival which had grown into huge success in the D.C. Metro Area had blended together trade opportunities, product marketing, entertainment, food and tennis, creating an event that had something for everyone, and for all ages!

The long walk way from the parking lot to the event area was filled with vendors.
The festival had 200 vendors and 3 performance stages in various locations!!! That was HUGE.
Friday-Sunday All day
- Nintendo Wii Tennis
- Fastest Serve Contest
- Interactive Sport Wall
- Tennis Games
- Quick Start Tournament
- Raffle Prizes!
- Treasure Hunt
- Cardio Tennis
- Free Tennis Clinic
- Celebrity Guests
- Racquet Demo
- On-court Prizes!

Celebrity Guest: Paradorn Srichaphan
At the Tennis Clinic on Saturday

Singha Beer was the major sponsor on this festival.

Boon Rawd Brewery Co.Ltd.the first brewery of Thailand, was founded by Phya Bhirombhakdi in 1933. The privately owned company has expanded and diversified under the visionary and innovative management of its founder into a renowned beer and beverage producer. At present, Boon Rawd Brewery is the owner of "Singha", "Leo", "Thai Beer", "Moshi", and "B-ing" trademarks.
At present, Singha Corporation Co.Ltd. operates 3 Breweries and 6 Soda Water and Drinking Water factories located in strategic Regions across Thailand. Moreover, the company's vast distribution network further enhances its ability to serve the customers throughout the kingdom as well as in 40 countries worldwide under full compliance with FDA regulations and approval of each country, including European and North American Countries.
Singha Corporation Co.Ltd. conducts all its businesses under the principals of good corporate govermance and in a social responsible manner. As an integral part of Thai Society, Singha Corporation actively participate in local environmental support programs, educational scholarship programs, cultural events, traditional festivals, and sport sponsorship.
Free souvenir fans and foam visors from Singha Beer

The VIP guests from Thailand came with the Singha representatives. They were senior executives from top media & newspaper in Thailand.
On the right was Mr. Trachoo Kanchanasatitya, Marketing Communication Director for Boonrawd Brewery ( Singha Beer).
News coverage from Suncast TV
You can watch the online broadcast on their website.
The link is at end of this page.
Lion Dance (
The Chinese lion ritual or more commonly known by the general public as the lion dance is not really a dance routine. It is a set or sets of movements based on ancient Chinese kung fu techniques.
Destination Asia

The Main Stage
On the way to the main stage, they had this nice over-head shade along the walk way.A huge information banner with maps and performance schedules was very helpful. It could be conveniently found at the main entrance.
Another banner with sponsors information.
Outdoor bar and seating area
The opening ceremony began with the Army Band.
Beautiful Singha umbrellas worked well in the bar area.
The backdrop on stage was provided by Singha Beer
John G. Reed
" Hello everyone and welcome to the Fifth Annual Asian Festival. My name is John Reed and I would like to tell you how happy we are that you are here with us today. Wow, what a great intro with the Army Fife and Drum Corp. And let's thank these lovely ladies from the Miss China Pageant. Thank you for being part of this wonderful event."
The Singha visor was very helpful to everybody at the park.
It looked very cute on this little boy.
VIPs on stage
Mike O'Reilly
Director on the Board of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and former Mayor of Herndon
Thank you to all the politicians that attended the festival.
Congressman Jim Moran
Congressman Tom Davis
Congressman Wolfe Representative, Judy McCary
Chairman Jerry Connolly
Senator Web
State Delegate, Tom Rust
Hunter Mill District Supervisor, Cathy Huggins
Linda Downer ( representing Town Council member Richard Downer)
Cathy Huggins
Hunter Mill District SupervisorEileen Curtis
President of Chamber of Commerce
Tom Davis
Congressman Tom Davis presented Destination Asia plaques to nine Asian countries- Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Laos.
MC - Angie Goff
WUSA Channel 9 Newscaster"Thank you all for coming out to the festival today. This year we are showcasing China to celebrate the spirit of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. In addition, all participating Asian Countries have and opportunity to share their unique music, cultural performances, food, fashion, handicrafts, and other productrs and entertainment. The Asian Festival which has grown into a huge success in the DC Metro Area has blended together trade opportunities, product marketing, food and of course TENNIS, creating an event that has something for everyone, and for all ages.
This Asian Festival is organized by the Thai Tennis Organizaiton of America and sponsored by Singha and gives all of you an opportunity to experience a variety of Asian cultures while kicking off the 2008 Legg Mason Tennis Classic. And don't forget the Tennis Block Party and Martial Arts Tournament!"

Robert E. Simon, Jr.
"Founding Father" of Reston He saw this land in 1961 and fell in love with it, and succeeded in gathering the essential elements needed to begin the process of bringing the new town concept to Northern Virginia. The new town which resulted was name " Reston", using the founder's initials and the Engligh suffix for town. In its 11.5 square mile space, over 58,000 residents live, work,play and enjoy Reston as their home.

Robin Smyers
Reston Association BOD President
Lieu Minister Chinese Embassy
Pat Hanssen
President of USTA/Virginia" Thank you all for being here for this very special event organized by an amazing group, the Thai Tennis Organization of America, and hosted by the Reston Tennis Association. This event is special because it combines three elements near and dear to the USTA. We have a multicultural festival, organized and hosted at a Park Tennis Facility by Community Tennis Associations, that kicks off a US Open Series Tournament the Legg Mason Tennis Classic. It would also not be possible without the Thai Tennis Organization of American, and all the hard work they do to bring tennis to the local community.
In addition to everything else that this festival offers, we hope you will also enjoy the opportunity to watch tennis; the Singha Open Tennis Tournament is underway on the tennis courts, with $3000 for the prize money. We also hope that you will go to the Legg Mason Tennis Classic at the Fitzgerald Tennis Center in Washington DC with main draw matches beginning tomorrow through August 17th."
Joe Grover
Vice President of USTA
Benita Fitzgerals Mosely
Olympic Gold Medalist 100 Meter Hurdles 1984 Olympics and the President of Woman in cable Telecommunications.
Liue Minister of China and Mrs Benita Fitzgerald Mosely hitting the gong. Following with the announcement of the official opening of the 5th Annual Asian Festival.
Miss China Beauty Pageant Contestants
Commander of Thai Navy in Washington DC
Mr. Borisuth Prasopsub from Tourism Authority of Thailand

Luncheon at the VIP Booth
Representatives from both the USTA and the Dulles and Reston Chamber of Commerce were designated to this booth. The VIPs included those invited by the Chamber of Commerce to attend the luncheon and the USTA/MAS Community Tennis Associations invited to attend the luncheon. Those attending the VIP Luncheon had to wear a green/yellow "It's Your Game" tennis bracelet and must wear it to get into the luncheon area.
It was an honor to meet with the Minister of Chinese Embassy.
I had the BEST rambutan from this VIP booth. It was better than the rambutan I had when I was in Thailand last year!!! The mangostein was so refreshingly delicious.I was impressed with how they think of doing this. There was a photographer who went around taking pictures of all the VIPs. The team made instant 5x7 prints in short time and handed out to people, neatly in the Singha souvenir frames.
I was so thrilled to have an opportunity to touch this Olympic Gold Medal and met with the Olympic Gold Medalist in person.
With Maetavarin Maneekulpan from Singha, on right.

Must-have items for every outdoor festivals are portable toilets,...
...and portables sinks for hand washing.
Introducing " Mobile Restroom Suite"
I felt this was the revolution. This mobile restroom was a much better version of the regular portable toilet unit. There was no unpleasant odor inside what so ever. The interior was clean and did not look scary. There were 3 sinks for hand washing inside the unit. It located in front of the VIP luncheon tent. This was the only restroom I used all through my trip.
Going "Green" with paper trashcans. Portable ATM machine was a great idea for the festival.
And there were a few unites portable powered floodlight for evening and night time events.
They even had a photo booth offering souvenir print for only $1 per print!!! What a great idea!!!
Free props with Singha-printed background.The studio had a laptop and a portable printer for instant on-location printing. They worked really hard to get prints out almost instantly.
The $1 souvenir photo with Singha frame were ready for pick up anytime at the booth.I looked up the prints. They were great!!!

Paradorn Srichaphan
Paradorn Srichaphan (Thai: ภราดร ศรีชาพันธุ์; born June 14, 1979) is a tennis player from Thailand. He is the highest ranked player from Thailand in history, reaching a career high World No. 9, and was highest ranking Asian player ever. His nickname is "Ball". Paradorn is extremely popular in Asia, especially in Thailand. Paradorn was Thailand's flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece and participated in the Games' tennis event. Unfortunately he lost in the first round of the tournament to Joachim Johansson. His best Olympics performance was 2nd round in Sydney, beating Attila Savolt before being beaten by 3rd seed Magnus Norman.

With Pasinee Sakayawonk from and Chao Krung newspaper.
It was my privilege to meet Paradorn at the festival.
Later, Paradorn started his tennis clinic. One of the tennis player asked " I heard your wife is kind of pretty, right?". Paradorn smiled and simply replied "Yes".
Later on that day, his wife arrived the park.
She is known as Miss Universe 2005, Natalie Glebova.
Dunking Tank สาวน้อยตกน้ำ
Check out this fun game at the Beer Garden
See the girl behind the red cage at the background? Pay $10 and you get to throw 3 balls to the yellow panel. If you hit the red dot on it, the girl falls into the blue tank filled with water. Sounds fun??? Oh, yes!!!
Now let's try out this one!!! Ha ha...

Stage Performance
The festival was well equipped with extra chairs.The dressing room tent was right behind the main stage
Mobile truck stage was a great idea for these outdoor performances.
What a successful festival!!!
The park was flooded with thousands of people. The Robaim Choun Por or Blessing Dance
Robaim Choun Por is a perennial favorite. The Blessing dance features the dancers tossing flowers petals, symbolically representing good wishes falling from the heavens and bestowed upon the audience.
The dance is often performed for special state occasions in Cambodia.
Komarey Komsaan Khnong Suon
( Girls Playing in a Park)
Training in the Cambodian dance tradition begins at a very early age, sometimes not long after youngsters learn how to walk.
These youngest students are introduced to the Cambodian dance through a series of exercise intended to teach the children all the basic, fundamental movement intrinsic to the Cambodian dance.After they master the various movements, they begin the process of learning to work together, in pairs and in synchronized movements within a larger group.
Dance of Celestial Angels
Celestial beings are at the foundation of the Cambodian classical ballet. Gods, goddesses, angels and divine dancing girls are recognized for their importance on the temple walls throughout the Angkor peroid.Their perfection and sublime refinement were role models for the Cambodian court to follow.
There were many things going on at once in various spots, I could hardly kept up with my photo coverage. While 3 separate stages was flooding with nonstop performances, there was a Filipino parade going on on the street.
Later on the day, there was another Thai Parade- บวดนาค.
Other performances
Recognition award ceremony at the main stageOther performancesTinikling Dance
( This one was the best)
This is the most popular and best known of the Philippine dances and honored as the Philippine national dance.
The dance imitates the movement of the tikling birds as they walk between grass stems, run over tree branches, or dodge bamboo traps set by rice farmers. Dancers imitate the tikling bird's legendary grace and speed by skillfully maneuvering between large bamboo poles. Tinikling means "bamboo dance" in English.
When the Tinkikling is danced. There is music of plucked strings in Iberian-influence staccato interspersed with tremolos and kept in time with double stepping sway balances.
Considered as one of the oldest dances from the Philippines, this dance was originated in the island of Leyte in the Visayan Islands.

People of Leyte describe the tikling bird as one of the most unique in its movements - walking around and between the tree branches and some grass stems. This bird was named "tikling" from which the Tinikling dance got its name. Because of the creativeness of the people, they imitate this bird by using bamboo poles. One of the stories of the Tinikling's origin may be made up, a fact, or part of a legend.

The story says that the Tinikling started by the people who worked on the fields and paddies in the Philippines.

When the Spaniards came from Spain and conquered the Philippines, the natives were sent to the haciendas.

The natives lost control of their land because they were under the enconmienda system, an economic system that is largely based on rural and agricultural operations of large farmlands administered by caretakers for the King of Spain.

The natives had to work all day to please the Spaniards. The natives could have completely lost control of their destiny under an exploitative system.

The people of the Philippines worked in the fields and paddies for nearly four hundred years (1500-1898).

The people who worked too slowly would be sent out of the paddies for punishment. Their punishment was to stand between two bamboo poles cut from the grove.

Sometimes, the sticks would have thorns sticking from their segments. The poles were then clapped to beat the native's feet. By jumping when the bamboo sticks were apart, the natives tried to escape this cruel form of punishment.

This type of punishment became a cycle - the more bruised the person's feet were, the less work he would do, the less work he would do, the more punishment.The matrix for the dance was probably laid out when the workers would return home with their feet bruised and bleeding from the punishment.

It is said that from a distance, the people who were receiving the beating looked like the heron. And this is one of the stories about the Tinikling's origin.

The punishment later became the dance it is today. When the Tinikling is danced, there is music of plucked strings in Iberian-influence staccato interspersed with tremolos and kept in time with double stepping sway balances.

By practicing to escape the bamboo sticks during punishment, the Tinikling soon became a challenge, an art, and a dance.

The Tinikling is performed on certain Sundays in the Philippines. One can watch the nimble feet jump between the bamboo sticks hoping to escape its ferocious bite. But now that it is no longer a punishment, the sticks are smooth and the clapping is gentle. The Tinikling has truly become a national dance.

ThillanaThillana is a joyous, upbeat, demanding piece composed of rhythmic passages and intricate footwork.

Martial Art Area
Mr. Rungsrid Luxsitanonda, on left, the Vice President of Boonrawd Trading Co (Singha Beer), the major sponsor for this festival. George, on right, was the main man-power behind the festival.
Boxing demonstration
The stage was padded!!!
To watch the real fight, you had to pay $20 to get in.
And there were a lot of people paid to get in.Doesn't he look like an action movie star?
Martial art demonstration by Kick Up Studio.
Mr.Rungsrid and Mr. Trachoo from Singha
Mr. Rungsrid was being interviewed by Suncast TV.

Children Corner

Beer Garden

News coverage from Voice of America
News coverage from SuncastTV
News coverage from Choa Krung newspaper

Food Vendors
Beware!!! Looking at this section will make you hungry!!!
This noodle ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ was very good!!!.There was a long line!!!.ขนมครก ของหาชื้อยากในชิคาโก
"Kanya Fried Mussel" หอยทอด was very delicious. I loved it!!!
This booth made top sale with customers waiting in line all day.They sold fresh squeezed sugar cane juice- squeezed on location
Sweet sticky rice in bamboo ( with red bean)

Other VendorsVirginia Lottery offering $56 millions on winning ticket
This vendor was very interesting. They sold ceiling medallions and crown moldings. Prices were very reasonable.Philippines Cultural Tent
Everybody's favorite vendor - Starbucks
"Chico Bag are the newest trend in going "green" high quality, washable, reusable shopping bags. Proceeds benefits the VA Tennis Foundation."

This town loves dogs. There were many dogs at the festival. I had fun playing with many of them.Wowww!!!
Great festival. Great people.
Thank you for flying me all the way from Chicago to be with you. I hope Singha Beer could come to Chicago someday.

Watch online broadcast
on Suncast TV and Chao Krung

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