Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Olympic Garden in China

Olympic garden projects have become leading developments in China’s real estate industry.
They are developed and constructed by the China Sports Group and are authorized by the Chinese Olympic Committee.
Currently, there are 51 Olympic gardens in 43 cities throughout China, including China Sports Olympic Garden, Shanghai Olympic Garden, Beijing Olympic Garden, Guangzhou Olympic Garden, and Tianjin Olympic Garden.Developed by the China Sports Group in Beijing, China Sports Olympic Garden is the second Olympic garden project, with a floor area of 360,000kmThese projects focus on townhouse and villa type architecture, which are also represented in Beijing’s urban villas. Promoting its slogan, “A beautiful hillside residence and healthy lifestyle,” China Sports Olympic Garden has integrated the Olympic spirit of the continuous pursuit of excellence and superiority.
The irregular terrain at the Olympic Garden offers a unique residential location. In addition, the Olympic Garden complies with a “healthy and dynamic” philosophy by introducing an environment that is energy conscious, environment-friendly and aims to reduce consumption and waste discharge.
The objective is to build a healthy, natural and harmonious energy saving community and a spiritual homeland where residents can depend on one another.Introducing Gree’s high-efficiency air conditioners into the China Sports Olympic Garden is a significant step in building an energy conscious community. In addition, the China Sports Olympic Garden takes energy saving requirements into full consideration and makes use of the natural light and ventilation. For example, they have designed a ventilated basement with south-north lighting and extended balconies facing the south. Environment-friendly materials are also used, which can preserve heat and save energy and solar energy water heaters are offered to each household to further promote an energy saving community. On September 8, 2007, the China Sports Olympic Garden and Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai, held a grand signing ceremony in the Media Center. The third phase of the China Sports Olympic Garden will incorporate Gree’s energy efficient air conditioning systems. By applying the world’s advanced environment-friendly and energy-saving Copeland Digital Scroll technology, of Emerson Climate Technologies Co., Ltd., Gree air conditioners will feature an energy efficiency rating that is over 26 percent higher than the standard air-con system.
The China Sports Olympic Garden will also become the first environment-friendly residential community to introduce high-efficiency central air conditioners in Beijing. Same year, the company developed the world’s first ultra-low temperature digital scroll multi-couple unit and laid the future foundation for Gree Electric Appliances to become a international leader in the field of central air conditioners. Using Gree air conditioner systems in the third phase project of the China Sports Olympic Garden, indicates that their high-efficient household central air conditioner series have begun to expand to high-end residential projects in Beijing.

Images were photographed by a photography resource from China.

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Sam said...

Very beautiful.
Last year on this day, we were in China. But we did not see these sites.
Thanks for the memories.
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