Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Music of the Golden Triangle

Meet my new friend, Victoria Vorreiter.
She loves Thailand so much that she decided to live there. Victoria is a very interesting person. Her passion in life has touched my heart.
Read inspiring story about her, look at beautiful pictures she took and watch the documentary film she has created.Victoria is the driving force behind a pioneer effort to preserve the tribal music and culture of the remote Golden Triangle region.Following successful worldwide screenings of her previous work, musician and filmmaker, Victoria has traveled extensively through the mountains of the Golden Triangle, recording and preserving the fragile fabric of tribal culture, tradition, and music."The Music of the Golden Triangle and the Cycles of Life," an hour-long documentary film, bears witness to ancestral songs and ceremonies, which guide tribal peoples of Southeast Asia through the cycles of the seasons and the thresholds of their lives.
The tribal songs and ceremonies are quickly vanishing makes this project something of lasting importance. The documentary film The Music of the Golden Triangle and the Cycles of Life will serve to preserve the collective memory of these culturally significant traditions.
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She came to Chicago in May for a fundraising event which took place at the Golden Triangle. Visit the store's website at
About the Golden Triangle store
Established in 1989 by Chauwarin Tuntisak ( He is Thai) and Douglas Van Tress, The Golden Triangle is one of the largest stores in the country devoted to art, antiques and home furnishings from China and Southeast Asia. Images were photographed by gallery's door opens into a fully furnished five-room 19th-century Thai Veranda house,
disassembled and moved here along with an astounding ancient terra cotta-tiled 18th century Chinese courtyard house.
The store also showcases select pieces from Europe. Highlights include architectural carvings from Thai homes and temples,
Chinese scholar's furniture, Han and Tang Dynasty burial pottery, British Colonial furniture and large tables made from salvaged hardwoods.
The 23,000-square-foot Golden Triangle is located in Chicago's furniture district.
Victoria is a violinist and, until recently, a faculty member of the Depaul University School of Music in Chicago. Her degrees include a Bachelor of Music, a Master of Music, and a Master of Arts and Liberal Studies. Victoria's passion to document traditional world music began in 1998 during her first visit to Morocco. It was at this time that she witnessed the primal and ever-present role that music plays in the lives of the Moroccan people, who continue to maintain a vital oral tradition that is hundreds, if not thousands of years old. This experience compelled her to create Music and the Cycles of Life, a video documentary series intended to help preserve the vibrancy and diversity of age-old tribal music, all the while demonstrating mankind's commonalities.
Currently Victoria is living in Thailand filming the next in the documentary series, The Music of the Golden Triangle and the Cycles of Life, which explores the unique connection between traditional music and the rites of passage among the hill tribes of Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and China.

Special 7 minutes Video Presentation
I highly recommend you to watch the entire clip.
Victoria Vorreiter introduced her work-in-process, including a 20 minutes segment from the final one-hour documentary that will be premier in March 2009 at the Jim Thompson Museum in Bangkok. Click Play arrow to view the video clip.

Resonance Productions was created in 2000 by Victoria Vorreiter as a nonprofit organization to launch a series of independent documentary films formatted for public television, Music and the Cycles of Life, the intent of which is to provide a vivid testament to cultural observances and values around the world.
Generous Hor D-Oeuvres & wine were provided at the event.
Greg Christian Catering was there. They are known as the high end catering for Chicago weddings, banquets, galas and functions. Visit their website at
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Nutella and Banana Turnover
Baked Spiced Chocolate Mousse
Watermelon Soup
Ginger Tapioca and Mago Parfait
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Chris Hafner (right) from J&L Catering
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Marinated Grilled Portobello Mushroom with Balsamic Reduction
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Asparagus wrapped in Lemongrass Beef
Fruit Cheese Cake
This is my favorite- Rice Paper Baskets with Shrimp,
Oregano and Lemon Salad.
Szchewan Duck in Scallion Crepe Bundles tied with Leek Thread.
Information Table
Inside the store
There were video presentations on multiple locations through out the store.Douglas Van Tress, the store's owner, opened the event.
Photography by Victoria Vorreiter


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