Sunday, May 18, 2008

BBQ Dinner by Golf Association

After the final match of the Kongsamuth's Cup on Sunday, May 18, The Thai Golf Association had a backyard BBQ Dinner at the mansion of the Consul General in Wilmette.
Big Thanks to Khun Chantana Sasitorn,
the Consul' wife, for her great hospitality.
The dinner was co-sponsored by TGCC and
the Consul-Genral, Mr. Narong Sasitorn.
I still remember เนื้อย่าง grilled beef.
It was so deliciously tender and juicy.
My first bite of the ribs, I knew right away this had been well marinated. The favor of the seasoning was just delicious.
BBQ chicken, Thai style, was another highlight of the dinner.
Did I mention we had Somtom ส้มตำ, everybody's favorite?
There were more than a few people on my table
saying how good the red curry was.
Happy faces here
The corn was so sweet.
Table shots
Amie and Consul General, Mr. Narong Sasitorn.
Thank you for your Happy Birthday blessing to me.
It's great to have such a good leader like
Mr. Narong Sasitorn in our Thai Community.
Khun Chris, the video man,
took a break from filming to help with the BBQ.
Consul General with his camera.
Raffles were distributed to everybody during the dinner time.
Khun Kempat Sangern began the program after dinner.
Dr. Pranom with welcome speechOur VIP visitor from Thailand
General Lertrat Ratanavanich
Senator in Thailand
He and his wife came here to attend their daughter's graduation.Video coverage by Banbert.comAnother VIP guest from Thailand
Mr. Prapat Soralump
TV producer from Channel 3 in Thailand
He is here for his daughter's graduation.
Khun Anan Veramano, President of the Thai Golf Association
Gift to the Consul General
Gift to General Lertrat
Speech by Consul General and his wife
Due to the current high retail price of the jasmine rice, our Tournament Director for this month, Pranom Milindawat, gave away 10 bags of 25 lbs rice.
Now, the gift got more intense...$25 cash!!!
The first winner was our video man, Khun Chris.
Other winners
More gifts
The $100 Grand Prize was sponsored by Khun Kempat.
Consul General picked the raffle.
The winner of the grand prize was Khun Lee
Khun Lee generously donated the $100 cash prize
to the kitchen lady แม่ครัว.
General Lertrat and his daughter

Thank you to the Thai Golf Association and everybody in the party for singing Happy Birthday to me. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

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