Monday, March 31, 2008

Catching up with Nutt

Do you remember Nutthanit Towan น้องณัฏฐ์ ?

She was crowned Miss Songkran in year 2006 at Wat Dhammaram, Chicago. She lived in Minnesota for 3 years as a student and later returned to Thailand after her graduation. We remember her as a beautiful bright, fun and optimistic young woman. Some people might be wondering how's she doing now? Just to remind you about Nutt, below is the picture when she was crowned Miss Songkran in Chicago 2 years ago.
In March 2007 Nutthanit competed in the Miss Thailand Universe contest. Although she didn't win Miss Thailand, she did win a special "Miss Thai Beauty" award งามอย่างไทย. Nutt shared with me she was the "shortest" person among all of the contestants. Interestingly, the winner of Miss Thailand Universe was the "tallest". Nutt is on far left in this picture.
Name: Nutthanit Towan
ณัฏฐนิช โตวัน หรือ ณัฏฐ์
Age: 22
Education: Bachelor's degree of Science in Business
from University of Minnesota in Marketing
Hometown: Udonthani อุดรธานี

I was glad to meet with Nutt during my stay in Bangkok, Thailand. She updated me about her exciting new life in Thailand. After becoming Miss Thai Beauty last year, Nutt signed a contract with Channel 7 for 3 years. She is currently studying a Master Degree in Economy and Human Resources Management. Her life in Thailand is very busy but very happy. Watch her video clips, delivering thank you message to the Thai Association and all the Thai people in Chicago. Click Play arrow to view.

Here is another clip.
She states she will make all of us proud and not to be disappointed in her. She wants to come visit Chicago again someday.

Below are Nutt's beautiful pictures.
Thank you for sharing them with us.


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Ta said...

Hi,Amie, Thanks for new,I know her.I set for farewell ,when she was in Minneapolis.