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King Naresuan 2 - Freedom Declaration

ตำนานสมเด็จพระนเรศวรมหาราช ภาค 2 ประกาศอิสรภาพ
Part 2, aka “The Reclamation of Soveriengty,” finds Prince Naresuan now governor of the capital of Ayutthaya and slowly forming a ragtag coalition of loyal provinces. But then the Hongsawadee king who raised him dies and the politics heat up until Prince Naresuan is backed into a corner by the hostile successors to the Hongsawadee throne. It all hits critical mass and the politics implode into a supernova of 17th Century warfare, treating us to 90 minutes that are a perfect storm of battles featuring a band of women warriors, hurled axes, enormous batteries of roaring canons and charging war elephants unleashed in an orgy of destruction, heroism, tragedy and sacrifice.
( 15 movie clips)
After the decease of King Burengnong, King Angwa became recalcitrant. Nantabureng, the new king of Burma, conscripted troops from the protectorates to suppress the recalcitrance. However, King Nantabureng had a secret plan and assigned his Crown Prince to kill Pra Naresuan on the way.

The Crown Prince ordered Praya Kiat and Praya Ram to conduct this mission. Nevertheless, both army leaders had a chance to see Mahathen Kanchong, who was their monk teacher and therefore disclosed all the secrets. Since the senior monk was Mon and loathed the Burmese, he tried to persuade the two commanders not to follow the Crown Prince’s order.

When Pra Naresuan moved his troops to Kraeng, the monk informed him of the wicked Burmese plan, and this led Pra Naresuan to proclaim independence from Burma by pouring holy water to the earth and brought all the people back to Ayuddhaya. The Burmese troops then followed Pra Naresuan. The spearhead under the control of Surakanma caught up with Pra Naresuan’s troops at the River Stong and saw the troops on the other side of the river bank. Pra Naresuan, seeing that the Burmese troops had caught up, then shot a long gun across the river and killed Surakanma who was on elephant back. The Burmese troops therefore had to retreat.

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Thank you to Thann Mui's movie production for giving us an opportunity to watch this movie through Youtube.

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