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King Naresuan the movie

The most expensive film of Thailand Ever Made!
Thai Epic Film of the life of the Black Prince!
King Naresuan movie is the movie that present about thai history.
It is base on true story many years ago,in the time of war between Thai and Burma.
The movie king Naresuan,400 years ago,there is the great king of Ayodhya(Thai) who dare to change the destination of nation. At the age of nine, he had been taken as hostage to Burma for 6 years. King Naresuan was a great warrior king. He liberated Ayutthaya from Burma while he was the Crown Prince. He led the soldiers into battles to defend the country against Burmese invasions many times.

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News from King Naresuan i

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Behind the scene
King Naresuan deserved the honor of being "the Great". He not only restored the national independence but also made Siam such a powerful country that no enemy threatened the walls of Ayutthaya again for a period of one hundred seventy three years.
Three of King Naresuan's weapons and belongings have constituted a part of the Royal Regalia down to the present. The first is the musket with which he shot the Burmese leader in one of the battles to defend Ayutthaya against Burma. Second is the saber that he carried in his mouth during his assault on the Burmese camp at Ayutthaya. The last is the leather hat with a brim cut-off in the shape of a crescent moon, which he was wearing when he engaged in a duel on elephants with the Crown Prince of Burma.

Fan Made Video
A movie fan made this video. The story about King Naresuan The Great still in every hearts of Thai People.He gave us freedom and life. Hope this film will remind us of how we could be THAI and how we can live together.
BG Music : King of fire (OST.King Naresuan The Great)

The Making



Pra Naresuan was born in Phitsanulok.

Phitsanulok was under the force of Burma. King Burengnong directed key person to be hostages,one of them was Pra Naresuan, who was 9 years old, to live in Hongsavadee.

On August, Burma was victorious on Ayuddhaya. King Burengnong appointed Pra Mahathammaracha to be king.

King Mahathammaracha promoted Pra Naresuan to the position of Crown Prince governing Phitsanulok.

After the decease of king Burengnong, King Angwa became recalcitrant Nantabureng, the new king of Burma, promoted Mangraikayauchava to the position of crown prince. Pra Naresuan attacked Kung Kingdom, and catch the prince of Thai Yai and send him to Hongsavadee.

King Naresuan was proclaimed independent at Muang Kreang in May at 19.00 After that Ayuddhaya was in the war with King of Chaing Mai and Praya Pasim. The troops couldn’t get close to Ayuddhaya.

The troops of Nantabureng went to Ayuddhaya. The troops of crown prince Mungraigayaochava had forced Kamphengphet but Pra Naresuan was fighting to gain Kamphengphet back.

Hongsavadee troops surrounded Ayuddhaya for 5 month, the troops couldn’t attack with Ayuddhaya. So, King Nantabureng decided to go to Burma for retreat his troops. Then King Naresuan and his brother attacked with the navy troops, so that King Nantabureng came back urgently.

King Mahathammaracha died in June. His age is 75 years old.

Pra Naresuan promoted to be king when he was 35 years old and promote Pra Akathotsarot to be the crown prince. After that 4 months the Burmese crown prince took the soldiers to attack Ayuddhaya but they can’t fight with the troops of King Naresuan.

The Burmese Crown Prince took soldiers to attack Ayuddhaya. King Naresuan and Pra Akatosarot led soldiers to Supanburi province to defend the capital. King Naresuan killed the Crown Prince of Burma on the elephant back. Therefore, won the war which would later be known as Yuttahatthi War.

King Naresuan and Pra Akatosarot led soldiers to Kumpa and send to the King of Nakhonsrithammaraj. After that they attack Kampucha and forced it.

The southern of Morn was forced by Ayuddhaya.

King Naresuan and Pra Akatosarot led soldiers to Hongsavadee in December but the troops can’t get close to Hongsa. So they came back.

King Naresuan and Pra Akatosarot led soldiers to Hongsavadee again but Hongsa was destroyed because King of Thong Ou attack before.

After King Naresuan and Pra Akatosarot led soldiers to Thoug Ou and the troops can’t get close to there. He came back in May. In November, King Nantabureng died after that Burma spend to 3 troops.

King Ang Wa promoted to be the King of Burma. In the name of The King Srihasuthammaracha.

King Naresuan and Pra Akatosarot led soldiers to Chaing Mai for to attack Ang Wa but he was sick from decease.

King Naresuan died at Muang Hang when he was 50 years old.

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