Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Living in Shape

This blog is about my Thailand trip in Bangkok. I stayed with my Chicago Native friend, Khun Nok- Chalida Thaochalee Tantipipop. Today we were on the set for her TV show "Living in Shape" for Channel 3. Our special guest was Khun Namfon, Wanwalai Posayanond, an actress/model and a presenter for Garnier cosmetic product. Our featuring menu for the show is Kaow Yum, Thai Rice Salad with Fresh Herbs.
Nok is having a great time with 2 dogs at the house.
Khun Namfon and the make up artist
And this is her cute son, Nong Fin.
During her acting career, Khun Namfon was very busy and well-known. She put acting career on hold after she got married to spend time with her family. She has recently started a home-based business making per-order cupcake called "Finish Me Cupcake". Check out her website. There are many cool stuffs online.

Collections of her cupcake deco.
Gun, the owner of Natakumpany Video Production,
is getting ready for filming.
On the set, we felt in love with the laughing Elmo. In fact, we just learned the laughing Elmo not only could laugh, it could fall face down and bounce back to standing position while laughing!!! We had to stop one another not to steal the Elmo from that house.
(Click on Play arrow to view video clip)
Nok is entertaining Nong Fin. Very cute clip : )
Nong Fin is playing hide and seek with my camera.
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The production team is preparing for filming inside the house.
Another short clip

Khun Nok and Khun Namfon during filming

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Behind the scene during filming.
Multiple Thai herbs are main ingredients of Kaow Yum.
Check out this artistic display of Kaow Yum,
done by Khun Namfon.
I am particularly impressed with Khun Namfon's personality. She has a quality of true Thai beauty that I found very charming .
Thank you for you hospitality.

The full episode will be aired on March 8 or you can watch it online after that.

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Khun Amie this is such a lovely post naka thk you for recording all these lovely photos!