Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Au Bon Pain in Bangkok

Au Bon Bagel
Au Bon Pain
Bangkok, Thailand

My trip to Bangkok, Thailand, this time was so much fun. I stayed with Nok- Chalida, my dear friend and got to follow her around. It was a good learning experience for me as she is a well-known celebrity in food and health industry in Thailand. This blog is about Nok being a presenter for Au Bon Pain, the US bakery franchise in Bangk
ok. And off course, I got to eat very good food : )

Au Bon Pain stirs the appetite of bagel lovers in Thailand by staging the "Au Bon Bagel" event, showcasing the nine varities of bagels. Our famous food gurus - Khun Nok (Chalida Thaochalee) and Khun Karb (Suthipong Suriy) demonstrate simple yet delicious recipes of bagel sandwiches inspired by each guest's own expertise and creativity.

People sitting in the front role are medias and news reporters.
The Chicken and Salsa Sauce proudly presented by health guru Khun Nok. Rich in fibers from healthy, colorful vegetables like red and green sweet chili and yellow sweet corn, this savory dish also provides plenty of protein from chicken cooked with black peas and seasoned with Mexican spices to suit Thai palates.

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About Khun "Nok" Chalida Thaochalee Tantipipop
After being crowned Miss Thailand in 1987, Khun Nok went on to become a well-known favorite in Thailand's entertainment industry. Upon completing her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Aurora University, Illinois, Khun Nok's keen interest in health led her to pursue further studies in the US on health and nutrition, paving the way to a successful career in the health business here in Thailand. Khun Nok currently hosts her own Channel 3 TV show " Living in Shape", which offers tips and advice on how to lead a healthy life. She has also published a best-selling book entitled "Diet Secret" and contributes to many leading magazines, including Lips, in which she has her own column entitled Healthy in Style. Her most recent publication "Ageless Formula" is also a huge success. Her knowledge and experience has also led to her becoming a member of the Advisory Committee for Shape magazine. Khun Nok often appears as a guest speaker at universities and private organization functions, advising her audience on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Next is the Bacon Bagel with Smoked Salmon.
Handpicked by Khun Karb - Suthipong Suriya.
About Khun Suthipong Suriya or Karb
He grew up in Nong Khai, where his family runs a restaurant. He developed his artistic and culinary talents with Kuru To, ML Jirathorn Jiraprawat, a very famous food stylist and columnist in Thailand. Now he’s on his own creating stylish and appetizing culinary delights. He is the owner of Karb’s Studio, a townhouse that he turned into an orange colored workspace to create his edible art. His work has been published in countless magazines.
Bacon Bagel and Mixed Herb-flavored Cream Cheese - are combined with smoked salmon and assorted vegetables such as carrot, asparagus and mushroom. The vibrant orange, green and white colors from different ingredients make this dish a masterpiece both in terms of taste and presentation.

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