Saturday, November 24, 2007


Farewell Party to Khun Narote and his wife
Happy Birthday to Khun Lee

Location: Khun Piroj's house in Glenview, IL
Date: Nov 24, 2007

In preparation, Khun Piroj Vongsvangsiri, the home owner, was aware there would be more than 100 guests attending his house party this time. He had re-arranged his entire basement and added more chairs to accommodate such capacity. I like the sparkling stars at the wall background. Thank you for his greatest hospitality.

Among the guests- Khun Chiwin, Dr. Soonie and Amie.

Opening speech by Consul-General Narong Sasitorn.

Khun Narote Sangkamanee, Deputy Consul General, Royal Thai Consulate General in Chicago and his wife will be leaving Chicago to Thailand on December 18, 2007. At his farewell party, he delivered great goodbye speech following with our big applauds. He explained his wife was the one who insisted he should come work in Chicago, even though he initially didn't want to. He's now so grateful of her decision. He expressed so touched by warm welcome friendship from the Thai Community of Chicago and felt so happy to have been with us.

P'Rad, Khun Narote's wife, expressed her appreciation to Thai friendship in Chicago. She's known to be such a great person who makes you feel she's your sister or your friend. We all will miss her.

Khun Lee, the B-day boy, gave his big CHEERS to all. He was especially happy that day, being proud of his bling-bling "Happy-B-day" necklace charm and belt. (they are battery-operated with blinking flashing light- very cool)

Khun Lee and his gift.

Dr. Soonie and Dr. Krengsak on the dance floor.

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