Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bird Live in New York

Bird best known for his Thai pop music has sold more than 20 million albums making him the number one singer in the history of Thailand. He has won more than 20 awards including the Inspiration Award at the MTV Asia Awards Bets Song from Channel 5 Thailand Music Video Awards and an Achievement Award at the Virgin Hitz Awards. He is also a hit television actor and movie star.

The Super star of Thailand came to Los Angeles and New York to perform his first ever concert in USA. I went to his show in New York because it's closer to Chicago and I have many friends there as well.

Not only do the two “We Love Our King” concerts mark the first time Bird has ever performed outside of Thailand but partial proceeds will benefit “His Majesty the King on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King’s Birthday Anniversary of Eighty-Four Years in 2011.” The singer was joined by guest artists Kathaleeya English, Da Endorphin, Pinky Savika, Na Khom and Goh Tee.

The ticket prices were 100-350$. The team came with almost a hundred people (dancers and staffs), and the show was close to 3 hours when a typical concert is usually 2 hours long.

Yes, the tickets were expensive but you paid to see a really great performer and a quality show... Its well worth the money.

Bird Thongchai McIntyre is my favorite singer and actor forever. He is a Superstar because he is the most popular singer not only in Thailand but in many other countries as well. People call him the " No.1 Entertainer of Thailand" or "Superstar Forever". Every time he has a new released album, you'll hear many of his hits songs everywhere....

That was me shaking hand with P'Bird during his performance.

Celebrity Guests
Kathaleeya English

Pinky Savika

Da Endorphin

Goh Tee and Na Khom

The Concert

The hall was packed with people.

The first row for VIPs. I saw Mrs. Paleewong on the 2nd seat.

The show started with a comedy show by Goh Tee and Na Khom

Following with great performance by P'Bird

He was really focus and his dedication was there in every steps.
I was really impressed. are just great !!!

The crowd went craazzy...

What a good crowd !!! What a great night !!!

Kathaleeya English

I heard some interesting story about getting food to the staffs. They just ate whatever was given to them, like Cheetos and more! They also love Doritos and the sour cream and cheese Ruffles. Some of them ate Jack in the Box for the first time and went nuts over it.

Charming Pinky Savika

Talented Da Endorphin

It was too bad Da didn't get to perform more than she did, everyone was going crazy when she came out.

The Grand Finale

Friends from Chicago

What a memorable concert !!!


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