Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Washington DC

My trip to Washington DC

(Pictures are not sharp because they were taken from a pocket size digital camera)

At the Pentagon

With friends from the Alpha Team

The White House

Sunset in DC that day was perfect !!!

Dinner at night

Surprise Birthday cake for Joanne


Another Birthday girl on the same night

This ice cream cake was very delicious

The next day I visited the Captain Bay seafood market in DC.

And this is my highlight - fresh oyster from the sea !!!

Watch Video

Eating Fresh Oyster

Watch it and you will wanna go visit this place and eat all the oyster.

We definitely don't have something like this in Chicago.
I was so excited to be there.

The king crab legs were really huge.

Fresh..fresh...fresh from the sea

The famous Maryland Blue crab

We drove 1 hour from DC to Maryland just for this !!!

The crabs were so huge... and the meat was really firm and sweet.

The damaging...

food coma...

We have gotta do this again ...

The sky in DC on the morning I left was so beautiful.

Thank you DC and all the friends

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