Saturday, January 10, 2009

Drury Lane Celebration

Celebration at Drury Lane

January 10, 2009

New!!! High Definition Video online

" TV ThaiChicagoland"

View HD video below

My First High Definition Video Online


"TV ThaiChicagoland"

Click play to view

Intro Video of the event

Interview with Consul General

Interview with Mr. Manoch Bhudvanben

Interview with Dr. Panom Phoungcherdchoo

Interview with Mrs. Busara Thepjatri

The Team

Anny Archawee Dhamavasi : Host
Jesse Domingo : Video
Amie Peeyachat Hana : Editing


August 26, 2008
His Majesty King Bhumidol Adulyadej bestowed Royal Decorations
to Dr. Panom Phoungcherdchoo and Mr. Manoch

" The Most Admirable Order of the Direkgunabhon"

Dr. Panom Phoungcherdchoo

With Mrs. Oradee Phoungcherdchoo

Mr. Manoch Bhudvanbhen

With Mrs. Somchow Bhudvanbhen

August 12, 2008
Mrs. Busara Thepjatri received Mother Of The Year 2551 (2008) award
from Princess Saomsawali on the occasion of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's Birthday
at Suan Amphorn, Bangkok, Thailand

Mrs. Busara Thepjatri

With Dr. Nakarej Thepjatri

January 10, 2009
Thai Community in Chicago celebrated the success of our 3 friends at the Drury Lane

Celebrity Singer - Jen Jen

Mr. Piroj and Mrs. Suda Vongsvangsiri from MVT Communication

With friends from Thai Community in Chicago

The Photo Album



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Joy Marzilli said...

CONGRATULATIONS to our Thai friends!!! The HD videos are excellent (although the voice of the MC is not loud enough compared to the music)! All photos are also beautiful.

You've done such a wonderful job again Khun Amie.