Saturday, November 29, 2008

King 81th Birthday Celebration 2008

Long Live His Majesty The King

King 81th Birthday Celebration and Gala Dinner 2008 in Chicago
สายใยไทย เทิดไท้องค์ราชัน

By The Thai American Association of Illinois

Celebrity singer from Thailand: Suthep Wongkumhang สุเทพ วงศ์คำแหง

Music band by Rit Thai ฤทัย

Singers from Bai-Tong ร่วมกับนักร้องจากวงใบตอง

Special performance by Jovie Calma and her dancers

(Photo Credit on above image: เกรียงไกร กิตติวนิชกุลไกร)

Studio pictures
from the King's night
Photographer: Armand Oliveros


Gala Dinner


Thank you Jovie for your dynamic entertainment.

Your performance took our breath away.

Jovie works with Via Times Newsmagazine ( for Filipino Community)
The King's event will be featured in the newsmagazine.
You can visit their website at


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