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Thai Wedding Ceremony

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Thai Ceremony Wedding Photo Albums
พิธีรดน้ำ แบบไทยๆAccording to Thai tradition, the pouring of water is the most important part of the Thai wedding ceremony as it signifies the couple officially becoming husband and wife. Traditionally, this was all that was required to validate the marriage.
During the ceremony, the bride and groom kneel together, and a holy string is draped from one head to the other, forming a circle and connecting the couple. This symbolizes their spiritual union. They then ” Wai ” by clasping their palms together in the traditional prayer-like gesture while one by one, guests walk up and pour a conch shell full of sacred water over the couple’s hands while offering a blessing or marital advice. The water ceremony is usually performed by all guests older than the couple, with the grandparents and parents proceeding first, followed by relatives and friends of the family.

My most recent Thai Wedding was
Nualnapa & Kampol on June 7, 2008.
Kampol is the son of Khun Suchitra SurapiboonChai.

Click below to view the photo album

Natalie & Chad
June 23, 2007
Natalie's parents are Sumalee and Niwat Burkban. Sumalee is a nurse at Rush North Shore Hospital in Skokie. Niwat or Khun Noi was the past President of the Thai Golf Club of Chicago who currently serve as a board member of TGCC.

Click HERE to view full photo album of Natalie & Chad


Rachel & Neil
October 13, 2007
Neil is the only son of Khun Nanta Buranakarnchana, the past president of the Thai Association of Illinois who currently serve as a board member of the Thai Association.

Click HERE to view full photo album of Rachel & Neil


Patty & Nick
May 6, 2006
Nick's parents are Sompong (Ooud) and Sureerat (Noi) Sangern. Mr. Sompong was the 5th President of the Thai Golf Club of Chicago 25 years ago. Patty's parents are Somsak and P'Lek Seriruk. Khun Somsak was the President of the Thai Association of Illinois about 30 years ago.

Click HERE to view full photo album of Patty & Nick


Amie Photography
was recently on magazine cover TWICE !!!

My work has been published in many wedding magazines before, but this year it was on covers. The Wedding Guide Chicago Magazine used my images for their covers, not once, but twice!!! I felt enormously blessed !!! The shoot location was at the Rialto Theater in Joliet, my most favorite place.
More of my photography work from inside of the magazine
The magazine has just recently hired me again
to photograph for their 2008 issues.

The photo shoot was done in June. The selection for covers will be selected by the magazine's editor. I was excited and happy with the work. All models from Ford Modeling Agency were so pleasant to work with. And everybody in the production team was so much fun to work with. It was a great experience for me as I love fashion.
Another top leading magazine, the Chicago Style Wedding Magazine, kindly published my work many times.
Last year, the magazine published my photography work and wrote about it on 2 full spread pages!!! I was so flattered.There were more photos on other pages as well.
Remember the couple on the right?
It was Patty & Nick, our Thai friends on the magazine.
This fabulous couple with beautiful Chicago skyline in background was published half-page. Effectively, it resulted me in more clients. Many brides saw this picture from the Chicago Style Wedding magazine had called me to photograph their weddings.
I feel blessed to have known Dave Gaffke, the owner of the Complete Wedding Expo. He is the biggest fan of my work. I got many big referrals from him, including with fashion shoot for the House Of Brides, Chicago's biggest distributor of wedding gowns. Off course, I am the official photographer for his Expo as well. I have photographed his expo events and fashion shows for many times. All bridal expo advertising pages featured in 5 different magazines has my photography work on it. Thank you Dave.
The Admission ticket also has my images on it.
This page, I am so proud of. The Association of Bridal Consultation has used my work for their full page advertisement for 2 years in a roll. This bride on the page might look familiar to some of you. She is our Chicago friend who was crowned Miss Thailand and is now a TV show owner "Living In Shape", Nok Chalida Thaochalee.
More of my work on other magazine


Tan said...

Khun Amie,

I just saw your wedding photos! Congratulations on your beautiful work. So proud of you.

Keep representing the Thai community so well, as you do.


Tan-Tanya Suesuntisook

ลอดช่อง said...

Hi, Tan

I'm a Thai pageant fan club. this is my website ( We miss you so much and I try to search some news about you. If you got this message, please contact us and give me some update about you.

You are the only 2 girls from Thailand who got the top 5 in Miss World pageant. So, we never forgot you. You are always a lot of fan club in Thailand.

Thank you.