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Remembering the Princess

Remembering A Much Loved Princess

Her Royal Highness
Princess Galyani Vadhana
Princess of Naradhiwas
6 May 1923 - 2 January 2008

Her Royal Highness the Princess Galyani Vadhana was a much loved Princess. She was also a much loved elder sister to two Kings, namely His Majesty King Anada Mahidol (Rama VIII) and His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX).

Her Royal Highness the Princess Galyani Vadhana was one of the hardest working member of the Royal Family. She normally went about her work quietly. Whatever she did, she did with her heart. She took for herself a work load that could be indescribable to some. She was head of over 60 organizations and she looked after each one herself, and with full knowledge and concentration. After her mother's passing, she took over most of the charities and organizations that was her mother's as well, with full knowledge as she used to accompany the Princess Mother on her trips to the rural areas.

6 มกราคม 2551
พิธีสวดพระพุทธมนต์ ถวายเป็นพระราชกุศล
สมเด็จพระเจ้าพี่นางเธอ เจ้าฟ้ากัลยาณีวัฒนา กรมหลวงนราธิวาสราชนครินร์
ณ ศาลาเฉลิมพระเกียรติ วัดธ้มมาราม นครชิคาโก

Consul General, Narong Sasitorn
lit the candles to begin the ceremony.
ท่านกงสุลและภรรยา ลงนามไว้อาลัยแด่สมเด็จพระเจ้าพี่นางเธอฯ
ตามด้วย พ.อ. Thai Tradeและประชาชนชาวไทยใน Chicago

Photography credit for this Jan 6 event: Sira Sasitorn

Her Royal Highness was born Her Serene Highness Mom Chao Galyani Vadhana on May 6, 1923 in London, the eldest child of HRH the Prince Mahidol of Songkla and the Princess Mother Sri Nagarindra. She is the elder sister of HM King Ananda Mahidol ( Rama VIII) and HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej ( Rama IX).

In 1927, she was elevated to Her Highness (Pra Vorawongse Ther Pra Ong Chao) by HM King Prajadhipok (Rama VII).

In 1935, the princess was elevated to Her Royal Highness after her brother ascended the Throne as King Rama VIII. Her Royal Title was Somdetch Pra Chao Pi Nang Ther Chao Fa which translates as "the princess who is the King's elder sister."

In 1995, in the year of the Princess' 6th Cycle birthday (72nd year), HM King Bhumibol bestowed on her the title of the Kroma Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra, a traditional Siamese customs dating back to the Ayudhaya period, and not seen for decades. She thus became the Princess of Naradhiwas since. (It was said that the province of Naradhiwas was chosen because of it's location being near the province of Songkla, the name given to the Princess and the King's father, The Prince of Songkla)

Royal Birthday Ceremony of May 6, 1995 celebrating the Princess' 6th Cycle Birthday where HM the King bestowed the title of Kroma Luang Naradhi was Rajanagarindra.

After returning to Thailand from her studies in Switzerland, the princess became a professor in the French language, history and literature at Chulalongkorn University, assisting professor at Thammasat University, as well as guest lecturers at many others. At the same time she also represented HM the King at various charities and royal work, as well as her own work in the areas of medicine, public health, youth programmes and education. She also represented many organizations in the name of her father specializing in the medical field. After the passing of the Princess Mother, she continued to preside over and take full personal interests in all charities, foundations, associations, organizations and schools set up by her late mother. In addition, for her love of animals the Princess has also set up the "13 Funds" to help animals in need. Her interests were not for just people but also to the animal population of Thailand as well.

The princess has represented HM the King in many visits abroad, as well as on her own behalf. With her keen interests in education, she came out with books and videos of all the countries she has visited educating the Thai public on the history and culture of the different countries. The videos are aired on Thai Televisions before and during each of her visits to a foreign country. She has also penned many books as well as give special insights in different books on a variety of subjects, including the history of the Siamese Royal Family, especially the descendents of King Rama V, her mother's philosophy and teachings, descriptions of ancient ceremonies and their meanings, and collections of royal emblems and cyphers of past era.

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