Saturday, December 15, 2007

Farewell by Thai Association

Farewell to Honorable Narote Sangkamanee
Hosted by Thai Association of Illinois
Welcome the new president of the Thai Association

This is one of many farewell parties to Honorable Narote as he was leaving to Thailand. It was conducted by the Thai Association of Illinois at Khun Nanta Buranakanchana's home. The party began with the mouth-watering dinner buffet from Manee Thai Restaurant. The food was very authentically delicious.

Below is our popular Nam Prik Pla-Tu with
boneless Pla-Tu ( tuna) and multiple vegetable sidings.

Kang Somm or Yellow Curry was very delicious. It was so homemade. Even the curry was freshly prepared on the same day.

There are more food pictures in the photo album.

Khun Nanta- the home owner, who was the 2-termed former President of the Thai Association of Illinois, talked about her on-going passion for the Thai Building project.

This same night, we took an opportunity to congratulate and farewell to Khun Poxie Xumsai, who was finishing his term for the 2006-2007 Presidency of the Thai Association of Illinois.

Among the guests were Honorable Narong Sasitorn and his wife.

Khun Poxie, representing Thai Association, giving portrait gift to Honorable Narong and his wife.

The other gift was a recognition acrylic plaque, engraved with
Thai Association's logo.

Thank you speech

Holiday gift to Honorable Narong from Thai Association

A recognition plaque to Khun Poxie from the Thai Association, presented by Khun Suamserg Pitigawong. It was in recognition and appreciation to Khun Poxie's outstanding leadership, dedicated services and commitment to the Thai Association as a President for his 2006-2007 term.

Welcome introduction of the New Board Members of 2008
New Board - Khun Poxie Xumsai

New Board - Khun Chiwin Nilapant

New Board - Khun Siri Daycha

Congratulation bouquet to Khun Vallapa Kongsri
the New President of Thai Association in year 2008
Short video clip- Introduction speech of Khun Vallapa Kongsri

Read Khun Vallapa's vision regarding her upcoming plans
in becoming the New President.
Khun Vallapa revealed her vision of setting up a free clinic for Thai people. She stated it's been her goal ever since she first joined the Thai Association in Khun Jantima's term. After 2 years in serving the community, she has developed many ideas what she wanted to achieve. With her passion in helping the community, she continued to be with the Thai Association every since all through Khun Nanta's and Khun Poxie's terms.

She's now elected to be our new president of the Thai Association in 2008.

Khun Vallapa has been working as a nurse for many years with experience in ER and Out Patient settings. She also has worked as a Nurse Manager for Out Patient Care and Clinics. With such solid background, she believes she's capable of operating and managing a Clinic for Thai people. Within her upcoming 2 years of presidency, she has set a goal to create a clinic that will provide medical treatments and services to all Thai people at free of charge. The clinic is expected to be up and running by end of year 2008, she stated. Her project somehow is similar to Khun Nanta's building project but it is in a smaller scale.
The good news is that we have a location offer. Khun Jumnong Limjarern willl provide an area in his Daycare Center to be used for our clinic operation at free of charge. Khun Vallapa stresses she could not do this alone. She needs help from everyone, especially from doctors and nurses. She has already approached some Thai doctors with positive responses for their clinic coverage. Some other help she will soon be working on is seeking donations for medical supplies and equipments - such as patient beds, EKG and many lab monitoring equipments.
Her other project is to set up a "Funeral Home Service" for Thai people, by finding a good Funeral Home that could work with us on regular basis. She also plans to conduct fund raising to cover funeral expenses for people in need as well. In around mid January'08, Khun Poxie will have a team meeting to delegate responsibilities to each members of the Thai Association.

The party followed with fun karaoke and rum-wong dance.
Khun Noi was very delightful here with Khun Tippi.
Khun Sini and Khun Somchai

Khun Aeaw and Khun Yong
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