Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Farewell at Consulate Office

Official Farewell Party
for Honorable Narote Sangkamanee
at The Royal Thai Consul-General Office
Wednesday, Dec 12, 2007

Honorable Narote Sangkamanee is the Deputy Consul General for Royal Thai Consulate General in Chicago. He and his wife are leaving to serve in Thailand.

Good luck in your future endeavors.
We're going to miss you around here.
It won't be quite the same without you
VIP table
From left: Piroj Vongsvagsiri, Anaek Bunnapradit, Kempat Sangern, honorable Narote Sangkamanee
and honorable Narong Sasitorn

Sangjan Supanavongs, President of Nursing Association (middle)
Vallapa Kongsri, the new President of Thai Association (second from right) and Prasert Vatanaviggun (far right)

Khun Narote and his son opened the dinner buffet...

...following with everybody

Opening speech by Honorable Narong Sasitorn

The room was packed
Pu ปุ๊, Office Secretary, gave a very touching speech.
She almost teared up while talking.
Watch video clip below.

Somsak was the other person to deliver memorable speech.
Watch video clip below.

Watch this impressive video clip when all staffs from
the Consul-General shared their personal experience
how Honorable Narong touched their lives. A must-watch video.

Another impressive video
Honorable Narong talked about his great experience when he first met Honorable Narote in Chaing-Mai, Thailand. He admired how Honorable Narote was knowledgable.
Click on "Play" button to view the video clip

Honorable Narote was very entertained and moved.
A gift from Consul General

Video of all staffs singing a tribute song to Honorable Narote.
It's one of the most famous song in Thailand. Very beautiful.
Click "Play" button to view the video clip

Honorable Narote delivered his speech.
Now hear what he had to say.
Click "Play" button to view the video clip

Honorable Narote was known to be a big sport fan.
That night, each of his staff gave him many sport-related gifts.
The below picture showed his son gave him a ChicagoBulls Ben Wallace #3 Jersey Shirt.

It was a successful farewell night.
Honorable Narote was captured here in his happy moment.

A must-see video clip of Honorable Narote singing.
Click "Play" button to view the video clip

Group picture at the end of the night

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Photo Credit: and Sira Sasitorn

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